How do people perceive you?

Have you ever wondered what the other person is thinking about you when you are talking? Do they think you’re witty or interesting or just full of shit? Sometimes, when I’m making a point in a conversation, I wonder what the other person might be thinking. It’s just a very intriguing question. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be in another person’s mind, watching yourself through another person’s eyes. I just wonder how one perceives another.

I was watching a tv show, where a person was pretending to be dead and he stood behind a two way mirror while people talked about him. It was an eye opening experience for him. It lead him to realize who really cared about him in his life and who really didn’t. All those people he thought were very important suddenly became so distant. And the one he pushed away turned out to be the one who loved him and cherished him the most.

In life, we don’t often think about how people feel or perceive us. We just go on doing our thing, mostly always thinking its the right way. Sometimes, it’s good to take a step back and try to understand what the other person might be thinking or feeling.

Unexpected Surprises…the pleasant kind

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball….I’ve said that before. I’ve also said that a single decision can potentially change your life and you don’t know where it take you.

Well life is full of unexpected surprises. Well surprises by nature are supposed to be unexpected, but some times they are totally unexpected. Sometimes, they are just so pleasant that they totally throw you off balance and you just get that feeling of elation. Such surprises are few and far between. It’s important to be thankful and to savour each moment of that. It’s important to look forward to what follows. It’s most important to never forget that every grey cloud really might have a silver lining. Life can’t be all bad.

Succumbing to fiction

I love buying books. Nowadays with the ease of Kindle, my book buying behaviour has just gotten to point where it’s criminal if I buy another book. I keep buying books as I read the review or think it’s some profound work that is a must read and they just end up staying. With actual books, I feel it adds to my library or collection. But with Kindle I don’t think it even has that effect.

Now and then I will start reading one of these books of non-fiction or of an artistic nature, but with the limited time and stressful life I have, somewhere between Pages 100 and 200, I just stop. It’s not that I really lose interest, it’s just that with the busy schedule I have, I think I feel the need to read something lighter. Something thrilling or fast pace. I obviously then just end up succumbing to my need for reading fiction.

One of these days, I will have to just take some time off and read through all the books I’ve got whether fiction or non-fiction. There has to be something that intrigued me about the book in the first place, I just have to stick to my initial instincts.

Confused decisions

Ever so often you reach a point in your life when you are completely confused about things. For me confusion over little things have always been an issue. Like what book to read next, or what movie to watch. Which pen to use or which bag to wear. But sometimes, life throws you a major curve ball. And you just don’t know what to do.

I am in that situation right now. One decision can change my whole life and I don’t know which is the right one. Everyday I change my mind and my strategy on what to do and what needs to be done. Should I be patient and wait it out or should actually take some measures? It also depends on what someone else has to say or do, so it’s not really only my decision alone that matters. I am so confused and clueless about what to do. I suppose it’s not often that a person can say this out loud.

Bad office behavior

It completely eludes me how people can be rude and ill mannered in an office environment. Nevertheless, this seems to becoming the norm more and more nowadays. People become defensive when questioned and resort to writing out nasty emails just to cover their own incompetencies. Such situations are difficult to handle and reporting the person could work if only there was a proper chain of command. That chain of command breaks down when one works in a matrix organization. It all becomes very confusing and the end result is just a one on one exchange of nasty emails.

There never seems to be a win-win situation either. On the flip side, when you ask people to do their job, instead of being termed assertive, you are termed as being aggressive. People doing their job act as if they are doing you a favor when in reality this is not my daddy’s company and if I’m asking someone to do something it’s only because that is what they are supposed to do. We all work for the same people at the end of the day.