You are not alone

They say that no two people look alike on this planet, whether dead or alive. While we may be unique in appearance, unfortunately we are not unique in personality. I thought I had many thoughts and traits that were only mine. The people surrounding me didn’t share these characteristics. So here I am thinking I am weird. As I grew up, I realised that these traits were different which made me….unique.

Then comes the internet and host of bloggers. I realised that I am not alone. While I do believe in aliens (properly known as extraterrestrials), I believe even more strongly now that we are the aliens that walk among us.

Reading through countless blogs on the internet, I now have the firm belief that people are so alike, no matter where they come from. There may be a person sitting anywhere in the world having similar thoughts as mine. The truth is while we all want to feel unique, knowing that there are other people out there that feel or think the same way that you do is comforting.

The reality is that none of us probably want to be alone.

Dear diary…

On keeping a diary…

I keep a diary or what we grown ups like to call a journal. I suppose one of the main reasons is that I enjoy writing.


I realize, growing up through my  teenage years, I religiously kept a diary and it was so important for me to record every event that happened during the day. Recording the events surrounding me and my friends and all our interactions was absolutely imperative. Then through my college years, the writing slowed down as I was busy living my life than writing about it. With all the partying and the studying, who had time to write a diary. This continued till I joined my new job and things got so hectic with the long hours and my need to prove myself.


After I had hit 25, I decided to move countries to a new job. The first months were slightly lonely as I built my circle of friends and I started writing again. I probably have 2 diaries covering a period of the next 4 years where I recorded only memorable events, my child’s birth and experiences.


About 2 years ago, I suddenly had a shift in my life. There was quite a lot of distress and I was going through a lot of difficult experiences. So what I decided to do was write. Only this time, the writing was different. It was not a record of events, but more about what I felt. My frustrations, my pain, my good times and my sad times all got recorded. Soon I was writing regularly, and I wrote about anything and everything. I never forced myself to write everyday, but realized that sometimes, I went on for pages a day, often writing twice or thrice a day. It really helped me get through those times. My diary was like my therapist. The moment of the day or week that I write, I look forward to it and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable experience.


So my takeaway from this:

  • Don’t force yourself to write if you don’t want to… just go live
  • Let your entry be as short as you want or as long as you want…even two sentences if you feel like
  • It doesn’t have to be about the events of the day or week. It could be a needless ranting or even a plan for what you want to do when you go shopping
  • Go back and read old entries… you’ll be amazed at how much fun that can be
  • Write in code if you think someone may see your diary (I know this sounds very much like a teenager, but often it helps you write more freely)
  • Always remember that it should be about what you want and it should be enjoyable


Reading and distractions

I used to be able to read a lot. I would pick up a book and never let go. And it would be one book. Now, more often than not, I hardly even pick up a book a day. I don’t like it!


I am obviously always reading something. That’s because I haven’t finished the last book I read. Worse still is when I ready two books at the same time. Usually, one fiction and one non-fiction. I will be reading a fiction… and of course there will be down time in the novel, as is with any other. Then I’ll find a reason to read a non-fiction or informative book. Then I’ll get bored with that and go back to my fiction. It all just seems like a vicious cycle nowadays.


I always loved buying books and definitely own books that I have never read. Once I got my kindle, I feel things are out of hand. My favourite site is Amazon, not just for books. But I can’t seem to leave the website without downloading something new on my kindle.


Ok, so here is the challenge for me. Finish what I am reading (the fiction) and then take one book at a time. Don’t buy another book until I am done with the ones I have at hand.


Good luck to me!

Brushing your hair

I remember watch this TV serial as a kid where there was a character who categorically brushed her hair a certain number of times every night. While it may be a myth that one needs to brush hair in a certain way or a certain number of times (unless you have OCD), there is some truth to the advantages of brushing your hair.

From what I have learned from experience is that you should at least do it once a day. Many people say that brushing your hair may lead to more breakage. Done in the right way, this is not true.  Choose a big flat paddle brush with large spaced bristles or a wide toothed comb. Always make sure to use gentle strokes. Don’t overdo it. Rigorous brushing never helps. If you have knots, remember to tackle it very slowly, with small and gentle strokes, until the knot comes out. Sometimes, a bit of hair oil or conditioner can help.

Photo 8-11-13, 8 32 49 PM


  • Brushing gently improves blood circulation of the scalp which stimulates cell growth
  • It removes dead cells on the scalp and dead hair
  • Relieves knotting. Knots can lead to more hair breakage
  • Actually does lead to shinier and softer hair

Word of Caution – Never brush hair that it completely wet. This can cause hair breakage and split ends. 


Been a while

It’s been a while since I last put up a post. I’ve become lazy about blogging again. It’s just that my stream of thoughts usually come at such odd times. Like when I am on a long drive or in a boring meeting. Hardly the ideal circumstance to pen my thoughts. And then I just lose my ideas. I have to find a way to keep track of my ideas.

I do have a a number of posts in draft form, I just need to sit and write them out. Well, I suppose I just have to find a way to break my old habit of procrastination.

Tone of presenting

I attended a series of presentations today. From very interesting to absolutely lost. But what struck me most is that different people have different tones of speaking. All the topics were quite serious and what I noticed is that most people sound very grave in an attempt to show seriousness. There was however, one person (this was not me) who spoke in such a tone that didn’t seem overly serious, but you wouldn’t consider the person a joke either.


They say public speaking is an art. I suppose it is true. What I learned (even after countless years of presentations) that you don’t necessarily need to sound serious to be serious. One does not have to be devoid of humor to give a serious presentation. Often the easiest presentations to attend are the ones that sound natural, as if the person presenting is just speaking to you. I think it may have something to do with the fact that is puts you at ease and helps you concentrate better on what is being presented. So next time I decide to present something, I will remember to sound natural, smile occasionally and sound conversational.