The challenge with social media

There are a lot of dissidents of social media. but if used properly, it could be fun. The key is keeping at it and devoting time. The more you blog or tweet, the more followers you are likely to gather. For a busy person working a full time job and managing a family, this can be a real challenge. Even though one can now blog or tweet on the go, with the advent of mobile devices, you still need to keep up. I think one of the easiest ways to probably beat this for blogging is block free time on the weekends and write up several posts. Then, publish on a regular basis.  With twitter it gets more difficult as the time line keeps moving and twitter is meant to be all about spontaneity.

The awful thing is if you dont keep at it and don’t gain followers you often think that what you are wasting your time. In a funny way, it feeds our appetite for attention. Some may even think it slightly narcissistic.  That’s a different topic of discussion.

The one thing I have noticed is to have patience. It’s not likely that you will gain followers immediately. But if you keep at it, eventually it can turn out to be quite the satisfying experience.

What is your motto in tweeting or blogging?

Which era would you like to live in?

I was watching Mad Men the other day and was wondering, would I like to live in that era? The TV show definitely romanticizes the time period, and there would be probably a few people who would think, how cool is that?

Fast forward to a futuristic time… would you want to live way into the future where everything this computerised and robots roam freely?

Personally I don’t know which is better… If you come to think about it, I think I would like to live in the 80’s and early 90s. I grew up during that time, so although I saw it, I didn’t enjoy it in my prime. I think that was a time when modern life errupted and people really found their voices. It was a time for fashion, music, art and high finance. It was a time when people didn’t go overboard with things and zealots didn’t roam the earth freely. I think people were a lot more tolerant at the time but standards were higher.

Just something to ponder about….

Not often I am gobsmacked…

Janet Carr @

Have a look, if you will, at the eBay auction below (the listing has been taken down so I have put several screen shots instead). Notice anything?

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 5.29.44 PM

Well, the first thing one would notice is that the photograph is of a pocket Filofax, whereas the auction claims to be selling a mini. [Before the listing was removed, there was a live link above to the auction itself which showed two photographs – one pocket and one mini. I am not sure who owns the photograph of the mini but I have removed it from the screen shot above out of respect for the owner’s copyright ]

The next thing one would notice is that the featured photograph comes from this post on Philofaxy, and belongs to Steve Morton.


The third thing one would notice is the description, and below that the note.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 5.32.53 PM

The note reads as follows:


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Getting over my planner blues with a Holborn

In my last planner post, I mentioned how I was missing my Filofax since I had changed to a Moleskine at the beginning of the year. So, I decided that I would go through my Filo boxes over the weekend and set one up again. As the weekend started, I went to WH Smith (for no particular reason) and guess what was beckoning me from the glass case. A beautiful Brown Personal Holborn. 

Now I must admit I have been intrigues by the Holborn for a while now. Read a few reviews and really liked the pockets facing outwards. I don’t like the colour brown much. But, when I saw this lovely binder sitting in the black box, I just couldn’t help myself. I asked the sales lady to take it out. Once I held the binder in my hands, I knew there was no letting go. Talk about impulse buys.

But I have to say, definitely no regrets!!

(Review and set up post to come)

Awesome Designer Work Totes

When I think of work tote, I think of a bag that is stylish, executive looking, and can definitely carry all the stuff you need to last at work throughout the day. This would definitely include wallet, phones, filofax, make up bag, printed paper (A4 or Letter size), and may be a kindle, iPad, laptop. I know I carry too much in my bag, but there’s a reason tote bags are big. I like structured bags, or at least semi structured bags. So here’s my list of awesome designer totes

Dior has a couple of good work totes. One can consider the Lady Dior a tote, but it’s not. It doesn’t have all the functionalities, even though it looks damn good.

My favourite is the Dior Cannage Soft Shopping Tote. Comes in a variety of colours but my favourite would be the beige with gold hardware. The lambskin makes is perfectly soft, yet it retains a bit of structure making it a perfect executive tote. Several pockets including two zipper pockets, two compartments and two phone pockets.


Of course, the Chanel is the classic designer favourite with a bag for every occasion. Chanel has two beautiful choices with great structure lines.

The Chanel Cerf Tote is just amazing. Also called the Executive Cerf Tote, it’s the perfect bag to compliment that executive look, you know, the navy blue pant suit or the striking black pencil skirt. Simple look, classic design.


The other choice is the GST – Chanel Grand Shopping Tote or the PST – Petite Shopping Tote. It has the timeless quilted pattern, with a huge interlocking logo. The gold hardware looks brilliant. Basic tote, with two compartments.


Next up, we have the Mulberry Bayswater. Now, this is Mulberry’s iconic bag. Over the years, there have been different tweaks to the design, leather and colour. It now comes in a whole range of colours including hot pink, and different kind of leather including ostrich. The moment I saw this bag, it looked so professional to me. Perfect for the office. The bag itself is expandable and it seriously can carry a lot, without ever losing its shape. The leather is tough and makes it the perfect choice for those days you need to runaround a lot. Not much going on inside except a very small tight zip pocket and two card holder pockets, which makes the main compartment seriously roomy.


3.1 Phillip Lim
The 31 hour bag that is already becoming an iconic bag. I read in an interview that it’s named the the 31 hour bag because it’s designed for people who pack in 31 hours in their day. I’m increasingly becoming a big fan of Phillip Lim. There is definitely something unique about the designs. This is a simple bag with just one inner zip. It is huge, simply huge. Big enough to definitely carry 31 hours of your life. But the design makes it so easy to carry everywhere without seeming obtrusive. It’s not an easy bag since top folds over and getting things in and out on the go would be a bit of a challenge. But who cares? I simply adore this bag for its space, leather, look and strength. Comes in single colour and two tone.



– everything written in this post is my opinion and I have not been asked to review any of the bags
– I do not own all the bags shown here so I’ve used stock photography for most (although I would love to)
– This list is by no means exhaustive

I miss my filofax

At the beginning of the year I decided to change things up. I decided to use a week+notes moleskine for work. I thought I would use my Compact Chameleon Filofax for my personal needs. That was a silly decision. I basically spend most of my day at work. So even personal appointments or reminders are being written into the work diary. The Moleskine is really beautiful (I got the red one). But now, my Filofax now just sits in the car. I miss my filofax. Time to definitely think about using the Filofax again for work. I just miss the flexibility of being able to change out the sheets and having all my info at the back. Miss having space to carry my pens and my cards. I’m definitely going back.