I’m a Personal Filofax girl

I think it takes any of us a while to figure out who we really are. We all know by a very young age, what we like and what we don’t. But, to come to terms with what kind of personality we have, is a different story altogether.

Over the course of the last few months, I’ve come to realise my planner personality. I had been using a Personal Filofax for a long time. Rummaging through my things, I’ve also found 2 A5s that I used at some point and then again an Original A5 towards the end of last year. I’ve also found several day per page diaries, ring-bound A5 notebooks, 2 A4 notebooks, 2 pocket filofaxes and several Moleskines in various formats.

This is as much as I can remember of my planning journey over the last 10 years, which also constitutes my work life. Throughout this time, what I have used the longest is my Personal Filofax (or it’s equivalent in an LV) and the A5 ring bound notebooks. This year, I have tinkered with a Moleskine (which didn’t work) and very recently I bought a Midori. I quickly realised the Midori is not for my line of work. I work in Banking and the Midori simply doesn’t have a place at work there for me (a separate blog post on that). So each time, I kept going back to my Personal Filofax. Which made me realise, yet again, “if it ain’t broke why fix it”.

So now, I have finally found my planner personality. I am a Personal Filofax girl! Why does it suit me? Let’s see….

  • It’s a size that I can carry around in my bag when I’m out on client meetings
  • It’s big enough for me to write notes since I usually write in bullet points any way
  • I love the versatility of the pockets where I can just stuff scraps of paper
  • The week on two pages is good enough that I can write down what I need to do each day and what client meetings I have attended
  • I can carry out essential phone numbers
  • I can carry around my favourite family pictures
  • I can carry my favourite pen
  • I can take out pages at my will

Anything smaller than a Personal never occurred to me since the diary would be too small. I’ve used a compact but it just gets too difficult to write on. The A5 is lovely and if I had just a desk job, oh it would be my planner of choice. But every time I’m at a client’s office, pulling that huge A5 out of my bag just becomes annoying. Worse still, is pulling it out at other places… at the store, at the doctor’s office, etc. I still have a Moleskine cahier that I use on occasion when I know I need to take extensive notes. It’s not thick and it’s not heavy so mostly I can carry both if I need. But the Personal Filofax, is my thing. It feels good to finally realise what works for me after all these years. Nirvana……


The Mother’s Day Anti-Gift Guide

Great post to make you smile.


We didn’t really need to put ‘Mothering Sunday’ in our Dodo Pad to tell you that this Sunday is a Mum’s special day, did we? Surely the violent explosions of pink in every shop and the excessive flowers appearing at petrol stations all around the UK were enough reminder that the time has come around to tell your Mum how much she means to you.

Mothers have an exceptional ability to know what we’re going to do before we’ve done them, often before we’ve even thought about doing them, such is the power of maternal instinct. Lord Dodo himself was often caught feeding his dinner to the dog under the dining room table before the breakfast pancakes were even served at the table.

Dodo Pad, Flowers, Mother's Day

When you were small, your Mum cut off your crusts before she put your sandwiches into your lunch bag. She gave you ‘the look’ when you were…

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The accuracy of the Internet

Ever wonder how accurate the Internet really is? Nowadays, it’s like second nature to “google” things.

The other day I wanted to find out the author to quote that my uncle always used. The quote goes like – Sometimes I just sits and thinks and sometimes I just sits. When I googled this, I found several websites showing this quote, but there were three different authors. Every website had their own explanation on the authenticity of the quote.

That got me thinking, how do we really know how much of what we read on the Internet is true?


I joined the Midori club

I had seeing all these awesome blog posts about the Midori Traveller’s Notebook (MTN), and to be honest, I was envious.  At first, I didn’t quite understand how the whole system worked. But, after going several blogs, I simply fell in love. Some people had made them so customized and unique. In either case, how can a leather notebook go wrong. I am a sucker for leather notebooks and bags.

Sadly, ordering one seemed quite difficult. And I wasn’t sure of the inserts. But browsing through Kinokuniya in Dubai, I came across a whole stack of covers and inserts. So, I saved up a little and took the plunge today. I splurged quite a lot on inserts too.

So here are the basics
MTN cover in brown. The leather is gorgeous.

MTN diary inserts

The diary inserts – Weekly and Monthly

I also got two blank notebooks, extra elastic, sticky pockets and card holders.

Other inserts

And then I splurged on this brass stencil book mark. I really needed one. 😀

Brass Stencil Bookmark

And now I am going to have so much fun opening each packet and putting my notebook together. I hope my kid doesn’t wake up, because she might wonder who the child is in the house.


Update: it is two days later and I still haven’t moved into my MTN. Can’t seem to let go of my Personal Filofax Holborn since it is serving me so well. I guess, I will have to think of what to do with the MTN.

Other uses of Filofax paper

This is is a bit of a silly story. But I’m going tell it anyway.

A few weeks ago, as Valentine’s day approached, I was thinking what to get my boyfriend. It occurred to me that in this day and age, all we do is communicate electronically. Nobody writes love letters anymore. So I decided to write one. And the only paper I found nice enough to write it on was my A5 salmon coloured lined inserts. So I took my Lamy Fountain pen and wrote a so-called love letter on Filofax paper.

Who says a Filofax is only used for organising and note taking? 🙂

Thought Bursts

Sometimes I have thought bursts. I have my moments of creativity when a host of ideas come rushing to me. I have a whole host of ideas to blog, tweet, write, draw. For me, it’s like when it rains, it pours. And then there are times when I just go blank. I can’t seem to find a single thing to write about or tweet. I wonder if this is the case with other people. I guess I have seen it often enough on TV shows and movies. Characters would suddenly have a creative breakthrough, or  something would just suddenly inspire them. So may be then, it’s not just me. May be this is something natural to the entire human race. Either way, I quite enjoy my thought bursts. Technology certainly makes it easier to keep track of them.

Inconsiderate People

I was waiting in a queue with my car to exit a parking lot yesterday. I noticed a few cars ahead of me, there was a car trying to reverse out of his parking spot and enter the line with us. Guess what, not a single car would give him space. I watched in amusement for a while at how inconsiderate people could be. What would it take to stop and let this car out. It’s not like it would waste a half hour of your time. Just probably a couple of minutes.

Every day, I come across numerous such instances and it appalls me to see how inconsiderate some people can be. It’s like life is a constant competition with people you don’t even know. The natural reaction is that I don’t know them so why should I care. In my opinion, that is so wrong on so many different levels.

People say that’s how it is in the real world. You need to toughen up or get out. Personally, I think people should be tough where it matters. Being rude, discourteous and inconsiderate is not the way to display strength.

Have we all become so devoid of feeling that being inconsiderate is something that just comes naturally to people now?