My ideas seem to flow on paper

I’ve been struggling with my writing for a while. I started this blog but at some point I just kept running out of things to say. I get ideas for topics but when it comes to writing them down, I lose track. And then I realized that I’ve always been a pen and paper person. I’ve always through my issues by writing them down. So why should this be any different?

I thought, what if I got a notebook and wrote down my blogs before I typed them up? I must say that it is working out well so far. I’ve managed to write at least 3 blogs a week for the last 2 weeks and that’s quite an achievement.  What’s more is that whenever I get an idea, I jot it down in my notebook. This has helped me keep track of ideas too.

Even though technology is a wonderful thing, paper never seems to grow old for me.

I’ve never read a biography

I’m ashamed to admit I have never read a biography, or an autobiography for that matter. It’s not that they don’t interest me. So often I will look up a person on Wikipedia, and war to know what they’ve done and their achievements, their life story. I’ve a watched many documentaries and movies on people and their lives. I love to find out what makes people special, learn from how people have achieved success and what they’ve done to get where they are.

But for some reason, I have never gotten around to reading a full book about anyone’s life. The closest I’ve come to it was “A million little pieces” by James Frey. But as I understand, the book is not completely non-fiction. The other one I read was “Winning” by Jack Welch which is more of a management book but depicts much of his life as well. Both were great reads and are highly recommended.

The funniest part is that I own actually own quite a few such books. But I’ve just never gotten around to reading them.

May be it’s time I dust off one those and start reading.

Are Wayfarers the way to go?

Wayfarers have seem to make a big comeback. My earliest recollection of the Wayfarers in the obvious, Tom Cruise in Risky Business. Growing up in the 80s, it was the pair of sunglasses that all the cool kids wore. I remember Cory Feldman being a big fan. Movies like the Breakfast Club that seemed so epic at the time featured these glasses on John Bender, the bad boy that we all loved.

What’s funny is that the Wayfarers have actually been around for a long time. If my history is correct, they were introduced int he late 50s. We are almost 60 years later and they are again all the rage. Them and their lookalikes. It seems that almost every major fashion eyewear brand has some of these sunglasses. 


Personally, I never got around to owning one, because I always thought they were more for boys. Turns out they are unisex and look good on both mend and women. 

So here I go, out to look for a discounted pair. May be Wayfarers will be the way to go. 

Here is a useful website about the Ray Ban Wayfarers


*Disclaimer: The above is my personal opinion”