I’ve just discovered Bloglovin’

I’ve been seeing this icon on a lot of blog sites. So today, I finally decided to check out what this is. It’s quite a useful tool. I downloaded the app for it and now, all my favourite blogs are in one place. It’s basically a blog feed / reader application. But the interface is simple and it’s useful. I’m glad i started using it. 

*disclaimer: This is just my personal view. I was not asked or paid to endorse the website or app.”

Going out alone

Someone once asked me whether I am comfortable to go out to eat by myself. Truth is, I am. I’m by no means a loner. I have a host of friends and family too. Yet I live under circumstances now in which I can’t always find someone to do something with me. But that shouldn’t stop me from doing things on my own.

Truth is I probably won’t go clubbing on my own. But a meal, movie, coffee or a drink, no problem. It’s not that I am totally comfortable and never feel self-conscious. Of course, I do. I think even the most confident human being can be self-conscious. But at some point, we just need to overcome that feeling and step out.

Grab a book, grab your smartphone. Just go out, do your thing. Enjoy your own company. Own it!

Cigarette Pants

Cigarette pants are quite popular nowadays. You know those that taper down as they reach the bottom. Quite the opposite of flared or bell bottoms.

As with all fashion trends, this is not a new style. Remember that lovely picture of Audrey Hepburn in her lovely cigarette pants. It was quite the fashion statement back then. Which got me thinking….. that these were definitely casual wear.

I was quite mistaken.

I had to buy a suit in  hurry. As always, I had a big meeting the next day and was out of time to get any dry cleaning done. So into Massimo Dutti I went and picked out this beautiful blue suit. I didn’t try it on, because I knew what size I wore. When I took it out at home, I realized these were cigarette pants. It was too late to change them or do anything different. So I just wore them.

Guess what…. they looked great.

I now have three suits in the same style. Pair them with heels and they look so professional. Pair them with flats, take of the jacket and you’re good to go for casual dining.

The variety of length is quite interesting too. They come in three-quarters (capri length) which is great for weekend wear.

Given the right length these pants can be great for any shape. True we are not Audrey Hepburn… but it doesn’t hurt to try.

Cigarette Pants
Cigarette Pants