Kenneth Cole Grab Bag Satchel

Any one who knows me, knows that I love bags that have some structure to them. I am not a hobo or satchel carrying type. But I walked into Kenneth Cole and found this great satchel on sale. It’s called the Grab Bag satchel. The leather is so unbelievably soft that despite it being a satchel, I wanted to buy it. When I looked at the price, it was just a no brainer for me. The bag was marked down to the equivalent of US$160.

I bought the one in Black with Gold hardware, but it also comes in a range of other colours. Unfortunately, because it’s a last season bag, they are mostly sold out online. Now that I’m using it, I can see why. It comes with short handles and a long strap. It’s a lovely bag to carry around on the weekends for me. It has one zip pocket on the outside and one on the inside. Two open pockets on the inside for your phone and quick storage. It has a very polished casual look. And did I mention, I just love how soft the leather is.

Here’s a link to it on Nordstrom.

And here’s a picture of the version I got….courtesy of


Cutting corners

I am the kind of person that believes in doing things the right way. It always irritates me when people cut corners. I don’t mind taking the easy way out sometimes, when it’s legitimate. For example, if you pay extra, you can have something done faster. But taking the shortcut to everything just doesn’t sit well with me. I wonder about people who go their whole life taking shortcuts all the time. The problem with these people is that they never really learn anything. They seem to breeze through life without feeling it. And the fact that some of these people make it to the top just baffles me. Personally, I don’t believe in cutting corners and I hope that I am better off for it. 

Sam Asks: When Do You Breakup With A Bad Book?

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Reflections of a Book Addict

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I recently read a book that I wasn’t thrilled about. Ok, honestly I HATED IT! I knew I wasn’t going to like it on the first page, pretty much from the first word. Ten pages later I despised its vague story line. Ten pages after that I loathed the ridiculous language. Ten pages after THAT I was vocalizing hatred for the underdeveloped characters. By 50 pages in a thought occurred to me: when do you breakup with a bad book?

Let’s say you’re on a first date with someone. There definitely aren’t sparks, but it isn’t a disaster so you think, “maybe I’ll give him another chance.” On the second date he says this one thing that’s really weird. Really, really weird. However, you say, “maybe he’s just nervous around you.” That thought is actually kind of flattering so he probably deserves one more try. On the third date…

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Why the Midori is not my daily planner

I was so very excited to see the Midori Traveller’s Notebook in my local Kinokunyia and just couldn’t wait to buy it and set it up. I bought the brown one in the large size and blogged about it immediately. 

I had thought it would be the perfect combination for an everyday planner – the freedom to have inserts and a size that’s neither to big (A5) nor to cramped (Personal). Unfortunately as soon as I set it up, I realised that it could not use it as my planner. Here is why

  • I use my planner for work, so the undated pages just wouldn’t do. I don’t have the patience to sit and date all the pages. 
  • I work in the financial services industry in a client facing role. The MTN doesn’t look too professional. I just couldn’t think of pulling it out to take notes at a client meeting
  • May be I have set it up wrong or my elastics bands are too tight, but my MTN doesn’t lay flat without some help
  • I realised that I love the Filofax ring bound system, whatever the size may be, and just couldn’t come to terms with giving it up!!

Having said all this, I love the leather cover and the set up of MTN. I am using the MTN everyday and I will leave the set up for another post.

Delaying a doctor’s visit

For some reason, I always delay going to the doctor. And i’m not the only who does this. I know plenty of people who have the same problem. For some I guess, it’s pure laziness . For others, it’s about finding the right time. Sometimes, it also depends on the severity of the problem, I guess. For example, I had been told that I would need to get my wisdom teeth removed but I never went to the dentist until the pain actually started. Let’s face it, hardly any one in their right mind would go to dentist willingly to get their tooth removed. So may be that a bad example.

But I do know many people who actually don’t go to the doctor for the fear of finding out that something is terribly wrong with them. This is counter-intuitive because the more you delay a visit, chances are whatever you have could have gotten worse. With most health problems, the earlier you catch it, the better your chances of survival (in the worst case). We are rational intelligent beings. Yet, this simple logic often seems to escape us. And I am no different.