I’m thinking about getting a LV large ring agenda

I’m a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to books, stationery, agendas, notebooks etc. My purse ( and my credit card) seem to know no boundaries when it comes to these items. Most recently, I’ve been having an urge to shift to an A5 size for work. This is one of those moments where I’m plagued by the planner size dilemma. Although I own a number nice A5’s already, I just thought buying an LV Agenda GM aka large ring agenda (which fits A5 paper) could be a “grande” idea.

I already have the MM model which is the medium size. This fits paper from the Filofax Personal model. I used it for almost a year at a stretch. It is a lovely binder and I have my initials on it too. Then I switched to other Filofax models. Currently I’m using the Holborn Personal in Brown. The leather is soft and wonderful to use.

I went to one of the local stores to have a look at it but they didn’t have it. From what I hear, LV is slowly phasing out agendas because people don’t buy them so much any more since smartphones and tablets flooded the market. I have to say, what a shame!!

I think I will keep looking. Given the price, I may consider buying a used one in good condition. Or may be, LV might start selling them at discount to get rid of old stock, if I get lucky.

I’m taking the DreamTone challenge

I decided to visit Sephora in search of yet another facial moisturizer. Over the past few months notjing seems to be suiting me anymore. I used to use DiorSnow but I think they may have changed the formula for the cream and it’s not working on me anymore. Again, I have tried everything from drugstore brands to semi-highend brands. Nothing seems to work. Lately, I have even been breaking out. So when the SA suggested I try Lancome’s DreamTone,  I thought, why not?

It’s not a moisturizer,  it’s a serum and it’s supposed to be used twice a day. It comes in a pump bottle which is convenient but the bottle is not transparent so you can’t really see how much is left. The contitution of thw serum itself is really nice. It has faint rosy smell and it goes on like silk. It sinks into the skin really well without an greasy feeling. It also has luminescent particles which gives the skin a very subtle sheer.

I am using No.3 which is for tanned/dark skin. It promises to even out skin tone and get rid of dark spots. I have a slight shadow around my mouth and chin, so I am hoping it will even that out. It’s also supposed to have a small amount of salicylic acid to clear up break outs.

It’s day two and so far I am happy with the constitution and the fact that my break out has cleared up somewhat.  The challenge lasts 4 weeks after which my skin should look so good I can “dare to bare”, I.e. not use any makeup at all. Let’s see what this $100+ bottle of miracle can deliver.

Elevator étiquette

i often wonder what the rules for proper elevator etiquette are. I’m sure I’m not the first one to think about this and I’m sure there is a blog, article or even book out there about this. But here are my thoughts on the matter. 

  • It goes without saying that if the doors are closing and you see someone rushing towards the elevator, you probably shouldn’t keep pushing the close button. 
  • it’s ok to hold the elevator door open when you are waiting for the rest of your party to come, but that doesn’t mean you should hold it open for 5 minutes while the other person fumbles with the keys while locking the apartment door. 
  • I never know whether people should always greet each other or make small talk. I do know however, that a small hi or thank you can’t always be bad. 
  • It’s nice to stand aside and let out people with children, old people and even ladies. Yes, I know we all shout about equal rights, but we do like men giving us the way. 
  • If you can’t reach the buttons because the elevator is too full, I am guessing the decent thing to do should be either ask the person next to the buttons to press the right floor or to at least say excuse me when reaching out. Some people would just rather shove their way through.

For some this may be common sense, for others not so much. I often see people behaving in the silliest ways when it comes to riding in an elevator. It could be that people just change their behaviour when they are cooped up. 

Galactic Cannonball Heading Our Way


Astronomers have known about celestial objects called globular clusters for centuries. They’re collections of maybe 100,000 stars, tightly bunched into a roughly spherical configuration, which orbit the central part of the Milky Way and other galaxies in a relatively lazy fashion, like a swarm of laid-back bees.

But observers have spotted one such cluster that’s behaving extremely strangely. This one is located in the vicinity of M87, a gigantic, blob-shaped galaxy—at least ten times as massive as the 300 billion star Milky Way—which lies about 53 million light years from Earth. The cluster doesn’t seem to be orbiting, and it’s anything but lazy: instead, it’s speeding in our direction at a blistering 2 million m.p.h., (3.2 million k/h) as though it’s been flung from its home galaxy like a bullet—except much, much faster. “We’ve found speeding, runaway stars before,” says Harvard astronomer Nelson Caldwell, who co-discovered this bizarre object. “But…

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