Giving up the Personal and going A5 full-time

Just like all filofax users, I have toyed with the idea of changing sizes for my daily planner. I can’t use multiple planners, so for me the choice was always personal. Portable, yet a lot can fit in. I have successfully used my planner for work and personal life for almost 3 years now. I’ve travelled with it and always had it in my bag, unless I’m going to a very formal event where I would just be carrying a clutch.


Now I feel I may need to upsize. This is not the first time I’ve felt it. I’ve tried to upsize twice before and failed both times. I just couldn’t manage carrying around the A5 with me all the time. So I would move into my compact to carry around, but then wouldn’t have everything in it, so that would get so uncomfortable. I also could never use the calendar or the notes section, since it was too difficult to write too much in.


I think I may have finally reached planner peace. I’ve arrived at a solution that is working for me. I gave up my FF Personal and switched to the FF A5 for work. I’m using the vertical diary that came with my black patent Original and just some additional notepaper. So far it’s working really well and I just carry it to and from work in my laptop bag. If I have to be out to see client’s and I can’t always carry it, I have an A5 Moleskine cahier for simple meeting notes. I have stuck that in the front pocket.


For my personal needs, which includes blog notes, ideas, pictures, my kid’s info, a few membership cards, spare cash, phone numbers and occasional sketches, I am using the Midori Traveller’s Notebook (the A5 size). Inside I use a plain notebook and a monthly view calendar. I will do a detailed setup post when time permits. For now, the MTN is a nice everyday carry. Although longer than a FF, ti’s somehow more compact.


I’m seriously happy to be able to use the FF A5 successfully. So much so that I finally ordered a second A5 that I have been eyeing for months. Now I’m waiting anxiously for the delivery and will soon do an unwrapping post with a detailed work set up.

Getting around to writing my blogs

It seems I get ideas for blog posts at the weirdest of times. I usually have my notebook or my phone with me so I can write out the topic. But then I start narrating or building it in my head which I don’t end up writing. I get so lazy. It’s not like I can’t type it up on my phone or computer because I type relatively fast, but I just don’t do it. I often wrote out my posts in my notebook and then type them up. I feel writing in my notebook would actually encourage me to write them. Wrong! I can be very lazy. So far I have 20 random ideas that I’ve neatly jotted down. Let’s see how long it take me to get around to writing them. 

The brilliance of comedy sitcom writers

I love watching comedy sitcoms. Who doesn’t?  Two of my most favourite shows are Friends and Seinfeld. There are quite a few more shows that I enjoy watching. These shows always leave me with a good feeling. I keep thinking, “How do they come up with that?”. Some of the dialogue is so simple, yet so funny and effective. Makes me think, these writers are simply brilliant. Sure, dramas get you hooked. Sure, the storylines and the plots are thoughtful. But, making simple things seem funny, making real life easy, is sheer brilliance. I think it’s easier to make people cry than to make people laugh.

Bonding with your planner

I got this A5 diary from Paperchase. I used it for a week and it was ok. The spaces are really large and it is convenient to write in but for some reason it just wasn’t comfortable. There is some truth to bonding with a planner. Sometimes a planner just doesn’t feel right, even if it has all the features that you are looking for.

I am quite happily using my Midori Travellers’ Notebook for my personal use. I don’t really carry it around. But I like to come home and write in it. I write up blog ideas and quotes. I sometimes sketch in it too. i just feel that I do bond with. I love my personal filofax and I’ve used it for work and appointments for almost 3 years now. But I have been feeling constrained in my personal lately. I’ve tried putting in daily pages. But that defeats the purpose of being able to look at my week in full.

Well, I tried using the Paperchase diary. But it didn’t work. I thought i had found something with all the features I needed. Turns out this is not the solution I was looking for. So for now, I am back in my Personal Filofax.

Paperchase Diary

I bought this Paperchase diary today. It’s a July 2014 to July 2015 diary. It’s an A5 size. I don’t know why I did this. I am using my personal filofax as my planner. I guess recently I have been craving more space but the A5 size just always seems too big for me. When I browsed through this diary in the store I just really liked the lay out.

This is the cover. Very plain with a moleskine type elastic band in red. I liked the contrast and the plain black would look fine at work.


The first page is for personal info.

The next two pages are interesting. I suppose this is apt since this is an academic diary. It has two timetable pages.

Next up is a simple yearly planner.


But this is what got me excited. What lovely two page spread of the week and a small section for notes. Plus each day is equal, like the cotton cream diary pages I am using in my personal filofax. My week starts on Sunday, here in Dubai. So, it’s important that I get a full Sunday block instead one to share with Saturday.


The disappointing part is that there is only page for notes and one page for contacts. But I suppose thats what makes this lightweight and easy to carry.


Last but not least, a lovely top opening envelope made of thick plastic. I think I will stick a moleskine cahier here for quick notes.


I really like the layout and I think I’m going to start using this at work. I can carry A4 paper as well, as long as fold them in half. I am guessing the elastic will hold things in.

I am by no means giving up my personal filofax, though.