7 Things the Most Interesting People All Have in Common


I’ve posted a lot of research from experts on getting people to like you, being influential and having great conversations.

What’s the best way to use all this information to be more interesting?

1) First, Don’t Be Boring

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Look at it like the Hippocratic Oath of conversations: Do no harm.

We’re all terrible at realizing when we bore others because, well, we all think we’re just fascinating.

The #1 tip for never boring anyone comes from Scott Adams: Be brief, be positive.

If you’re always to the point and stay upbeat, it’s extremely hard for anyone to accuse you of being poor company.

But sometimes you do need to speak a little longer to make sure things don’t get stilted.

The Art of Civilized Conversation offers another good tip: Is anyone asking you questions about what you’re saying?

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Read: The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

The Hard Truth About Soft Skills
The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

Just finished reading this book. One the few self-help/ advice books that I managed to get through. Although the advice is mostly obvious, it is presented in a way that makes sense. Examples are concise and the author gets to the point quickly. The book is structured well and doesn’t get too tiring to read. Picked up a couple great points that I probably know but need to put into practice. Quick and worth the read.

100 words

There is a website called 100words. People can sign up and have to write a 100 words every day for a month at least. Regardless of the subject. It can be continuous prose or a 30 different subjects. But every day has to be 100 words. It’s a great concept. I had signed up a long time ago, about 8 to 9 years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed completing a few months.

The routine of writing every day gave me good discipline and completing the month gave me a sense of purpose. When you really think about it, 100 words is not very long but it forces you to get into the habit of writing and think about topics for writing. 

May be I should think about starting it up again. 

A hint of colour with DiorSkin Nude Tan Light

I went to the make up shop yesterday looking for a bronzer. I’ve been researching make up tips online and almost every blog or vlog mentions a bronzer and highlighter for sculpting your face and bringing out your cheekbones.

I ended up at the Dior counter and the SA tried out DiorSkin Nude Tan on me. Now this comes in 3 versions – Light, matte and Regular. The Light is a shaded disc with iridiscent properties and the Regular & Matte versions are solid pigmented colours. The regular version comes in 6 shades while the Light comes in only 4 shades and the matte in 2.

Given that my skin is dark and I didn’t want something too sparkly I chose the matte. This is part of DiorSkin’s Healthy Glow make up collection and has become quite a popular product.

Unfortunately, I didn’t check what the SA gave me in the bag and when I went home, I discovered that she had given me the DiorSkin Nude Tan Light. At least, the shade was close to what I wanted (Sunset) so I decided to try it out.

I was pleasantly surprised. The iridescent properties are not too sparkly and it gives a perfect hint of colour. Because the powder is fine milled, it goes on smooth and evenly on the skin. It is not very pigmented, so anyone looking for more colour should definitely try out the other one – DiorSkin Nude Tan. I may get that once I’m done with this.

I use this as a bronzer, under my cheekbones. But the colour is also perfect to use it as blush on occasion with a light hand. I don’t think that could be done with the regular one as the colour may be too dark for a blush.

It isn’t cheap but the disc is quite big with a lot of product. It comes with a nice pouch. It also comes with a lovely little kabuki brush that I am using.

DiorSkin Nude Tan Light Case
DiorSkin Nude Tan Light Case

DiorSkin Nude Tan Light -004 Sunset with Kabuki Brush
DiorSkin Nude Tan Light -004 Sunset with Kabuki Brush


Disclaimer: Religion & Politics

One thing I’ve learned is never to get into a heated argument about religion or politics. I can understand how either of these two topics can hit a nerve with people. They are both very personal issues.

Whether you are open-minded enough to accept arguments or not is not always the question and even the most rational people get upset or worse, offended. So my policy is to tread very lightly when it comes to religious or political discussions. After all, they are beliefs and opinions and not be imposed on others.

A5 going strong

After using the Personal FF for almost 3 years (with few short spells of A5 here and there), I must admit I was really sceptical about making the switch to the A5 full time. But I think I’ve found a system that works and I feel some peace if not total nirvana.

It’s been a little over a month now using the A5 and I don’t know if it’s the Charleston or the changes in my life that is contributing to the success. 

Here are some of the ways I have benefitted:

– the vertical weekly inserts are big enough that I can block calendar time and make lists of things to do

– easier and quicker to take notes as opposed to having to squeeze my writing or keeping a separate notebook for extra notes

– I have lot of A4 size printed paper that I need to keep track of and I’ve just folding them and putting them in the full length pockets as opposed to always carrying around an extra file

– only work stuff goes in there. All my personal receipts and loose paper goes in my Midori which I carry all the time

– I put in a lot card holders to keep business cards that I need often with spare ones just in case

– I have a pouch that holds all my addresss pages from my Personal (was too lazy to re – write everything)

How I deal with the extra weight of carrying it around

Firstly, I’m using a bigger bag these days since I am on the move very often. Since, I am not overstuffing the A5 or my bag, it’s bearable. Secondly, if I’m going to the grocery store or someplace I won’t definitely need it, I leave it in my car or even at home. I have come to deal with the fact that I don’t need my organizer everywhere. I still have my Midori to write stuff or plan something which I can transfer later. I put in appointments on my phone too with reminders which I also transfer to the A5 later. Thirdly, probably because of the structure, the Charleston is not so bad to carry around just in my hand. I always carry bags on my shoulders or my arm, leaving one hand free for the Filofax if I need.

Truth be told, the size is not as obtrusive as I had once thought and it’s quite manageable to carry and use.

My favourite fictional Filofax

Watching reruns of Ally McBeal suddenly made me recall how I love the Filofax Richard Fish always carried around.


Richard Fish's Filofax
Richard Fish’s Filofax


I don’t know if it was actually a Filofax but the A5 size, rich Burgundy colour and the way he carried it around everywhere made me lust after owning one. I remember thinking to myself, when I start a job, I’m definitely going to get a Filofax like that. It seems so perfect and professional.

Well…some dreams to do come true.