Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream

Ok the full name of this product is long….
heaven By Deborah Mitchell – Vanilla Pod Hand & Nail Cream.

Vanilla Pod Front Face

As winter approaches my skin is becoming drier and flakier so my the ladies at my salon recommended I try this for my hands and legs. (I know it says hand cream, still). Costing AED 216.00 (roughly US$60), I was hesitant. I don’t mind spending money on facial products, Lord knows I have spent so much already! But that much for a hand cream? I changed my mind when I say the jar was huge… with 200ml of product in it. So I thought, ok let’s give it a go. And wow, did I make the right choice!

I love the product. I hear the brand is a favourite of Victoria Beckham and Princess Kate. It is a UK based company.

The Creamheaven - Vanilla Pod - The Cream

The consistency is thick, but not so much that it doesn’t go on well. It sort of melts into your skin. I hear it’s supposed to be fairly water proof (I don’t know what that means), but it doesn’t disappear after a while. My skin actually remains well moisturised till morning. I love it on my hands too because it doesn’t give me a greasy feel like I haven’t washed my hands after cooking. I also feel that my nails are stronger and smoother or may be that’s psychological. But it does work well on the skin.


The Smell

As the name suggests…. vanilla. It’s a bit strong at first, but mellows down as it goes on. The fragrance lingers on and on, just the like the effects of the cream. It’s more like vanilla cake than ice cream. But hey, who doesn’t like the smell of vanilla.

The Ingredients

Vanilla Pod IngredientsHere are the ingredients. No idea what these mean. But no Parabens, which is supposedly a very good thing. To my surprise, it contains Tea Tree oil. I always thought Tea Tree oil dries out the skin more. But I guess the healing properties have been infused into this. (I love Tea Tree oil, it’s an amazing solution to almost any skin problem, except dry skin).


The Packaging

Extremely heavy glass jar with steel lid. I like the wide jar though because it’s easier to get product when you use both hands. It has a plastic protectant inside so you can carry it (although mine is really too heavy to travel).

Vanilla PodVanilla Pod

All in all I seriously lucked out with the product and I definitely will buy it again.

The Franklin Way

I’ve been craving some change in my planner set up. Not to say that the A5 wasn’t working perfectly fine (surprisingly!) but it’s just one of those times when you know you want a change. I’ve wanting to go back to a Personal size for a while, but downsizing suddenly was a worry. So I thought I should switch to a DPP diary format, instead of the weekly I’m currently using. While I’ve always been an ardent fan of Filofax, curiosity got the best of me and I decided to order a Franklin Covey planner. I’ve always been fascinated about the size of compact pages (the same ring spacing as the FF personal), so this was my chance to go the Franklin way.

I got the Boston leather binder in compact on sale and went ahead and ordered it. Along with DPP inserts, plastic inserts, note pad and something called a started pack. I’ve started using it, but haven’t completely moved in. I may do another post on my set up soon.

Here are some pictures to start my journey….

Franklin Covey Binder - Boston in Compact

The leather is soft to the touch and the ring size is 1 inch (25mm) but doesn’t seem too big. The buckle is brass and adds a nice touch. The interest part about the ring mechanism is that the tabs at the end can be used not only to open but also to close the rings. So no snappy and getting your finger caught in between (done that plenty of times with the FF!). The binder didn’t seem to lay flat out of the box, but once I loaded up the inserts, it is fine.

 FC Monticello DPPI got the Monticello DPP format because of the simplistic design which gives the lay out more writing space. Look how fat the set is, despite it being DPP (not Do2P). It has a tabbed monthly pages, which is great for planning ahead since you can’t keep the whole diary in the binder. The monthly tabbed pages are made of heavier almost card stock paper. The lay out is simple, with a monthly task list and index covering the back pages. The pages themselves have the well known FC layout with a column for tasks, a column for appointments and a block for notes. The paper is much thicker than Filofax paper and doesn’t bleed and dark ink pens don’t show through.

FC Monticello DPP lay out

 I also got the value pack of plastic accessories which contains card holders, plastic pouches and a zipper pouch (which doesn’t zip very well unfortunately). The most interesting thing is the starter pack. The starter pack contains a guide to using the planner, how to set up goals, basic info, address pages and a few other things, all divided by small tabs.

FC Starter Pack Contents

FC Pouch Page Finder and Compass Cards

The interesting item that comes with the starter pack is Pouch Pagefinder with Weekly Compass Cards. The Compass cards fit into pouch of the page finder. The Compass cards basically lets you list what your want to do in your role every week. And the back is for notes. I still haven’t gone through the instructions to understand how to use this fully. But the concept fascinated me. May be I’ll do a post on this starter pack.

I am excited about this experiment. In a few days I’ll know if it’s working or not. Now let me get settled in….

You know you’re a planner geek when…

You know you’re a planner geek when….

  1. You spend hours on the internet reading and re-reading blogs about planners until you have certain posts memorised
  2. You have email alerts set up for planner sales and discounts
  3. You walk into a craft store and immediately become excited when they sell washi tape in a variety of designs and sizes
  4. You day dream about tweaking your set up
  5. Your idea of relaxation is looking at websites that sell planners
  6. You have separate bookmark category called “Planners” on your web browser
  7. You feel like you’ve left your arm at home if you forget your planner
  8. Your favourite days of the week are Tuesdays and Saturdays because that’s when Web Finds comes out on Philofaxy
  9. You can find the planner section in your local store blindfolded
  10. Your idea of a wonderful gift for your six year old daughter is a purple pocket organiser
  11. You are “oh so proud” when you see your daughter pretend to write important stuff in her organiser
  12. You immediately notice someone carrying a planner in a TV show or a movie, and try to guess which one it is
  13. You stare people carrying a planner hoping they would look back at you with a sense of camaraderie
  14. Your top suggestions from Amazon and your top YouTube video picks almost always include something planner related
  15. You definitely own more than one planner, in more than one size and still can’t decide which one to use

Please feel free to add on….