Struggle with handwriting

I read a number of articles online debating the issue of handwriting. While a great many were in favour of teaching cursive at school, there were some who contended that “cursive writing” was a lost skill that was no longer useful.

i know that I first learned to write in print and with time came the cursive writing. I remember my mother constantly stressing that I needed to improve my handwriting. My handwriting isn’t so bad and I can still write legibly in both print and cursive. Sadly, though there are not many people who can read my cursive writing. I thought it was my writing that was a problem. But as read the articles, I was surprised to learn that people who can’t write cursive, can’t read cursive very well either. So more and more, I am now faced with the dilemma of whether to write in cursive or to write in print. While print is legible to all and neater, it is definitely slower. But I really like my cursive, because it’s faster and it’s more me. I’m definitely not giving up on cursive and I don’t think people should either.

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Angel of the Dark

Sidney Sheldon was one of those authors whose books you would find in every household. Growing up, we were never allowed to read them because they were meant for adults. Still that never stopped me from sneaking a few from my aunt’s collection and hiding them under my bed. Thinking back I realise that his books were thoroughly entertaining. Just the right amount thrill but not too fast paced. Good plots and not too serious. So when a friend told me that there was yet another Sidney Sheldon book, I was intrigued. Even though this is primarily authored by Tilly Bagshawe based on drafts by Sheldon, so far it doesn’t seem to disappoint.

5-star rating

You know when you’re asked to fill in a comments card at the end of a meal or when you’re asked to take a survey about some service? Do you even give the highest 5-star rating?

I’ve come to notice very often that people are naturally hesitant when rating services. It’s just one of those things. People can’t seem to ever admit that they are completely satisfied with a service. Recalling something I learned in Marketing Class, a product or service could delight a customer and this would be the highest level achieved. The customer’s expectations would be exceeded. I know Kotler knew what he was talking about, but somehow human psychology seems to be very different in reality. People don’t seem to want to admit that they have been delighted. Times are changing and people are getting harder to please, or are they just guarded with their feelings?

Celebrity gossip

I have a friend who makes a big deal about never reading celebrity gossip. She seems to think it makes her look like she has risen above such petty things. I don’t know. May be indulging in celebrity gossip is petty to many people, but some of it is still news. I don’t have a lot of time to catch up, but I do buy the occasional gossip magazine and surf the sites.

I don’t know what it is about celebrity gossip that intrigues us. Even the most silly news seems to catch our attention. I look at my twitter feed from time to time and celebrity topics seem to be what’s most tweeted about. When the wedding of an actor & actress is telecast on news channels like CNN and BBC like an important event, you have to admit there is something to all of this. I can understand a royal wedding being covered or announced, after all they are real princes and princesses. But when celebrity couples get just as much coverage, if not more, you have to ask whether indulging in celebrity gossip/ news is really so petty anymore.

Do people still fall for that?

I was looking through my junk folder today, just out of curiosity. I came across a dozen emails saying that I’d won something or someone is looking for help in transferring their inheritance. Most of them have such interesting backstories, fabricated to make us believe them and probably some to even appeal to our conscience. I found out in my very early days of using emails that these are people out to con you. But I started to wonder whether people actually fall for these schemes any more. If after 20 years or so, con artists have not given up trying, they must be getting some kind of response.

It’s hard to believe with all the news coming out about Ponzi schemes and the world becoming generally more aware about these types scams. May be, by virtue of being in finance, I have a better idea about money laundering and scams. But I would hope that a good deal of people out there would be at least slightly sceptical of such “get-rich-quick” schemes and stay away, even if they aren’t reporting these. It’s sad that there are people out there trying to rip off people who make an honest living. I guess evil people will always be around, so I hope, for the greater good, people stop believing in such obvious lies.