Gratitude Journal

I’ve seen quite a few blog posts that talk about people keeping gratitude journals. Some are long, some are workbooks and some are just simple thoughts. 

I think this is a really good idea and I’ve decided to start one. I’m going to keep it really simple. I have nice little Diary from Typo that I got as a gift and I never used it because it was just too small for anything. But, I think I can put it to good use now. 

I’m going to start with writing just one thing I’m grateful for everyday. It’s such a nice way to feel good about the things we have in life. There’s even research to prove that people who express gratitude feel good about themselves and it alleviates depression. I guess it also ties in somewhat with the law of attraction. The more we are thanful for the things we have and the more positive thoughts we express, the more we attract positivity into our life. Some people also do it as a part of religion or spirituality. 

I think I’m going to try it.

13 July 2015

The last two weeks have been quite busy. As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, I’m trying to study again, which is taking up a lot of my time. Before, I continue, I must thank everyone again for their support and encouragement, after I wrote that post. This is one of the reasons I love the blogging community. People don’t hesitate to reach out or say something nice. It shows that all is not lost in this world!

Anyway, getting back to my busy weeks. So alongside studying, I’ve been making some changes in my life. I realised that my ugly feelings of anxiety had come back. It’s this horrible feeling inside me, like something is wrong or something is going to go wrong. It used to be really bad before, but I kind of got it under control for a while. But over the past two weeks, it seemed to have to been coming back, although thankfully not as bad as before.

So, one of the steps I took was to de-clutter to de-stress my life. I donated a lot of old clothes, shoes and bags. I decided buy quite a few closet organisers from Ikea. I even went out and bought another book shelf. Well, I feel so much better now.

How much do you read?

How much do you read every day? I realized that I read a lot every day. And I don’t mean novels or just books. My work involves reading a lot of documents, proposals, reports, emails and even legal documents at time. I look up a lot of info on the internet, again reading. I like reading blogs obviously. I have to keep up with a lot of the financial news, so reading again. I try to read some religious scripture every day. I’m trying to study again, so more reading. Not to mention, personal emails, chats, Facebook, twitter, random articles, texts. And of course, since all this reading is not enough, I have to be reading a book too.  Phew… that’s a lot of reading.

Coffee shop experience

The other day, I had some time to kill. So I decided to get some coffee and read my book. I walked into Starbucks,  got my coffee, found a nice spot and sat down. I didn’t even get through a page and two sips when this big family came and occupied the the tables next to me. One by one, they just started working their way up to the tables beside me. The next thing I knew there were kids running around my table. The parents were not bothered at all about little children running around hot cups of coffee because they were busy being too loud and engrossed in their conversations. Needless to say, I didn’t get through even a page of my book and I had to get up and leave for fear of an impending coffee burn incident.

More than being irritated by the whole situation, I was appalled. When did coffee shops turn into a fast food joint? And when did parents stop caring about what their kids were doing? I may not be the perfect mother, but I do know not to let my kid turn a coffee shop into a playpen.