Exam countdown


The countdown to my exam has begun. I’m taking a few days off work, not just to study but to clear my head as well. It hasn’t been easy balancing work, home and studies. What’s worse is that the last couple of months at work have been very stressful and exhausting.

Still, I managed to get through the syllabus once. But now I feel like I don’t remember anything any more. Somethings look vaguely familiar, but I will have read through the material again.

The material isn’t difficult but the sheer volume of the material makes it daunting. To top that, the questions are tricky. So you really need to remember a lot information and recall it in a very short period of time.

The other issue is the exam itself. It’s a whole day exam, almost 7 hours, with an hour’s break in between. It won’t be easy to sit through a session that long, seeing as how I’m such a fidgety person. I can’t still for more than a couple of hours. This will be a trying experience.

It’s all a bit overwhelming since I haven’t done something like this since my college days almost 12 years ago. But the truth is, nothing easy is ever worth getting, so I will put in the hard work and put in all my effort. I really hope I pass!!

My drafts

I just realised that I have 96 draft blog posts. That’s quite a bit. Every time I get an idea for a blog, I create a post with the title (or not) and write down a few notes. Mostly this is done on my phone. I almost always have ideas at the weirdest times, so I just open the WP app and create a draft post.

Then later when I actually think about writing out the post, I either get too lazy or the idea doesn’t seem that great anymore. I guess I’m not that only one who does this. But 96?!?! That’s quite a lot of draft posts.

I think my procrastination gets the better of me and I just decide not to write it. I also have the great charm of being a perfectionist at times. So if I think I have a really great idea, I’ll think about so many ways to write it, that I just end up not writing it.

I know this can’t be a good habit at all. I need to sift through those 96 posts and start writing out some of them. I’m pretty sure there are some good ideas among them. 🙂

My Filofax combo

It’s been a while since I decided to change up my planning tools. I did change a few things in between but mostly I’ve been using the A5. I’ve been switching between using the Filofax A5 and the Clipbook.

Most of my planning revolves around my work with a few personal chores in between. So I’ve always focused on a planner for work and just put in some of my personal reminders. This is why I’ve been going back to using the A5. It’s a lot more convenient to use for work. I’ve tried separate binders for work and personal life but I end up writing almost nothing in the personal and eventually shift everything to the work binder. Then the problem is, the A5 eventually become bulky and pretty heavy to carry around. By now I have some info in the A5 that I use as reference and I don’t want to have to transfer everything again to a personal.

So here’s what I’m trying out….. Using 2 Filofaxes again – a Personal and an A5. This is dangerous territory for me. I’ve never been able to make two planners work. I know so many bloggers out there do a fantastic job of keeping things in sync and using two planners, but I’ve always failed miserably at it.

So what’s different this time?

I’m thinking I’ll set some ground rules.

  1. No duplicate calendars. I’ll use just one calendar with appointments and to-dos in my Personal. I may have a yearly calendar in my A5 so I can refer to dates
  2. Contacts and personal info like expenses will go in the Personal
  3. Meeting notes and work reference go in the A5
  4. Any loose paper can be transferred to the A5
  5. Any meeting action points to be transferred to the Personal

This way I can carry my Personal with me while I leave the A5 at work or in the car. Sure, this also means I would occasionally be carrying both but, the goal is to make sure it doesn’t happen often.

So here goes my attempt at changing my planning technique. I know many of you have mastered this art perfectly and for many it’s still work in progress. Either way, I would love here your thoughts or tips.

Respect for time

I just don’t understand how people can have no respect for another person’s time. I mean life is busy for everyone and for many, time really is money, yet some people just don’t seem to care. 

The doctor’s office is the worst. Recently, I’ve been going to a series of doctors and it’s just annoying to be sitting for 45 min even when you have an appointment. I try to show up early so that I can register and all, yet it doesn’t matter. Why give out appointments when you clearly just call people by the order they come in? 

I’m sorry about venting but I really think people need to have more respect for other people’s time. I constantly experience people showing up late for meetings. Ok, 5 minutes may be acceptable but 30 minutes? Why would you leave late if you know that you may have to drive around looking for a location? It’s not right at all. Sometimes I feel people are losing their basic values. 

Me and the Filofax

I’ve been feeling restless, looking for a diary or planner or something, for next year. Anyone who knows me, knows this is an important decision. So, it’s November and I should get a head start, right? 

But then, I realised something today… I don’t love the Filofax, I’m in love with it. I went by Magrudy’s today, looking for a simple notebook, and… I saw their display of Filofaxes. They’re actually locked up in a glass display. And normally, I don’t like calling the attendant. But this time I did. I saw this Finsbury behind the glass, and I couldn’t wait to have my hands on it. Now, it’s not something I’ve been lusting after. But I realised it’s the feel of a Filofax that I’m lusting after…. and that too a Personal.

My obsession (for lack of a better word) started with “Taking Care of Business”… I’m sure most FF lovers know this movie, but for those who don’t…please look it up. So ever since that time, I don’t know what made it something I really wanted. But only very few people will understand the feeling. The weird feeling of wanting something so simple, so basic…. yet provides so much comfort and satisfaction. 

Well, it took a long time, but I finally found kindred spirit in the blogging community. So while some people are reading this post thinking “weird!!”, some people are nodding their heads thinking “I know exactly what she means”… And I’m so thankful for that. 😊