Simple planning that’s working for me

Before I start, let me give this post some context. I work in the financial industry in a client facing role. I’m a single parent managing my 8-year old kid. I can say I have lot of work tasks that are on going, things to follow-up on and bigger projects I work on. Then I have meal planning, school events, groceries, doctor’s visits and a few social engagements. So my days are fairly busy and can be without structure.

I’ve tried so many systems, read numerous blogs and just tried to fit my life into one methodology or the other. Some have worked, some have failed but I’ve learned things along the way. What’s been working well for the most part of the year is keeping things simple. I’m not following any one methodology and have just picked up tips which I implement.

Too much structure doesn’t work for me. So something like Planner Pad (which is a great product), just seems like too much work for me. I feel like filling all the slots is a chore and it bugs me.

Lists are great. I keep adding to my work list throughout the week. Cross out as many as I can and move the rest to the next week. Things spill over, it’s a fact of life that I’ve come to accept. I’ll put down menial stuff and big stuff. Project stuff and daily tasks. Every day I’ll run through my list once or twice and knock off items.

I have one calendar. Ok, not exactly one. I have a monthly spread and a weekly spread. Monthly is more for big events and being able to see the month at once. Weekly is more about scheduled stuff, like school events, client meetings, deadlines, etc. This is in my Personal Filofax and I always carry this with me…. almost everywhere.

If I have MITs (Most Important Tasks) for a certain day for work, I put it on my calendar. Meal planning will also go on one corner of the calendar.

Finally, I have a personal master list/ brain dump for personal things I need to get done, groceries, things I need to buy, wish lists, things I want to read etc.

So, that’s it. Two lists and a calendar.

Saying thank you

Sometimes people come into our lives and perform acts of kindness. It could be a small act or transformational act. Sometimes they don’t even know that they’ve helped you by just being there at the right time. You may not be close friends with the person, you may even have a falling out a later stage but, that doesn’t mean you forget their kindness. It’s important to remember to be grateful and to give credit where it’s due. I have been on both sides of the situation and while I don’t for a thank you, I want to make sure that I always remember to say thank you. People change and I hope I am never that blinded my rage or my selfishness, that I forget saying thank you is one of the best things you can do in this world. 

The world needs more gratitude and less narcissism. ~ Danielle Colding

Business blog

These days I see a lot of people writing articles on LinkedIn. I’ve never much liked the website but use it to keep professionally contacts. But it seems that lately it has become a popular forum for people with even a few thoughts to voice their opinion on subjects. 

I’ve been thinking of posting a few articles there and then I thought why not start a business blog. Not the kind where I would sell something but, the kind where I would opine about world events, the economy, financial topics and other related areas. 

I’ve been toying with this idea for a few days now. I even decided to get a domain, picked out a name and all. But running a business blog will mean a fair amount of research. I wouldn’t just be able to churn out blog posts. I’m not even sure about the kind of audience I would be able to reach. 

I’m still lining up a few ideas for posts. I may think of going ahead and doing it. But for now I will probably keep this on the back burner till next year. It’s been tough work year already and I need to focus on closing out my deals for this year. I’m a lot more comfortable blogging about my personal life and interests for the moment and happy to carry on with it for now. 

Wait and watch as the world changes

This morning was interesting to say the least. Just the prospect of Donald Trump as President sent the all the markets into a downward spiral. While the markets recover, people are trying to analyze where things went wrong for the Democrats. Some say it was the last blow of emails, some say it was Trump’s unconventional methods. In the end, what one fears most is probably, what is to come.

Throughout the last few months, the message coming our of Trump’s camp has been inconsistent and erratic. His policies, while seeming to favor Americans, don’t sound positive to the world. The US is not just a self-contained country. The policies set by the US largely affect all the markets around the world. How else could one country break the world in 2008. The period of turmoil we went through back then is a clear indicator of how powerful an influence one economy has.

I do however, favor his policies on infrastructure spending. He has promised to double the amount of spending that Clinton had promised. Anyone with even a basic understanding of economics can tell this ia positive step towards growing an economy. He was a smart businessman at one point, let’s hope he uses those life lessons to improve economic conditions.

Personally, I am disappointed. I had hoped that America would make world history by electing its first female president. With many of the powerful positions, the likes of Germany, Great Britain, Federal Reserve, IMF, held by women, I was so hopeful, the US would join in. Unfortunately, it isn’t so. The glass ceiling still exists and Hillary just couldn’t break through.

Needless to say, it is a time to wait and watch. Were the claims just antics to win an election or were they really policies that Mr. Trump will follow through on?