Good-bye 2016

So here we are finally at the end of 2016 and I feel that so much has happened this year. I know we say this every year, that the year went by so fast but, this year seemed to go by even faster. It’s been a roller coaster of a year. While personally I had some really good achievements, professionally I went through hell. There’s no better way to put it. I wouldn’t wish it even on my worst enemy.

Having said that, God seemed to hear my prayers and reward my patience. He sent me a miracle in the form of a job that would be so good for me. So the last week of the year, I decided to simply hand in my notice and put on a happy face. My coworkers and people around me say I should tell HR about what I faced when I leave but, I’ve decided not to. I don’t want to leave on a bitter note and if I’ve been wronged, I believe they will get what is coming to them.

The year was one of learning. If anything, I learned to be more patient and much much stronger. I learned how not to react to adverse situations and how to let things go. I know I’ve regained a lot of the strength that I had lost over the years and I really feel like a better and newer person.

So, after a year of ups and many downs, I finally get a fresh start and look forward to making 2017 a good year.

I wish everyone a year filled with peace and happiness ahead… Happy New Year!

Sticking with it.

One of the biggest problems I have with any hobby is sticking with it. I am very enthusiastic in the beginning and then as time goes on, either I’ve semi-mastered it or my life just gets so busy, I give up. It’s not the best of habits and at least I will try to get to some level of proficiency. However, the issue is how much I invest in it, in terms of time and money spent. When I start up with something, it just seems like I have to do it right and I go all out buying gear, supplies, etc. Thereafter, I think… “In retrospect, that wasn’t the best idea at all!”

But, this time I’m determined to stick with at least one thing. Writing blog posts more frequently. Hopefully, life will get less busy and I can do more than just blog becuase I think it’s important for people to have hobbies. When I started to draw again, ever so briefly, I felt so good. I felt more relaxed and more likely to be able to take on the stress of work. So whatever the activity, it’s important for us to foucs on something other than work, family, the daily distractions of life.


Dec 5, 2016

Today I was talking to coworker who started ranting about how some people got recognized in our monthly floor address when they really didn’t deserve it. He went on and on about how one guy didn’t do anything much, is very difficult to work with and only closed one deal, which he stole from another manager and managed to close because of his assisstant. Wow!

And then he turned to me saying that even you have closed a number of deals yet you’re not being recognized and he is. I said it was ok that the other guy is being recognized and I really didn’t care that he was. But, yes I would’ve liked to be recognized as well for my achievements. Truth is, I’m not the knd of person who is envious of someone else’s success and I don’t beleive in growing at the expense of others. In fact, I would prefer it if we all learned and grew together.


(found the picture on the internet, I don’t know whose quote this is)

My journal time

I’ve been restless for the past few days. Anxious really. I have a mild form of anxiety disorder but it’s been under control for a while now. No panic attacks for a couple of months at least. But still, for the last few days, rather weeks I’ve been having a disquieting feeling in general.

And then I realized, I haven’t been journaling my feeling much. Over the last month or so, work has become pretty busy and all my free time, apart from family time, is devoted to either catching up with my friends, blogging or reading. When I’m too tired to do any of that I watch TV shows. So no writing in my journal.

It’s amazing the power that writing in a journal can actually have. I realized that more today when I sat and just wrote out all my feelings. It felt like a weight being lifted. As I look through my journals, I can see pages and pages of the same things written out day after day, just to get me through the difficult times.

Talking to people is great. But the way you can say things in a journal, completely uninhibited, makes a difference. More so when you have the same issue you want to nag about day after day. Sometimes, it takes time to work through a problem or a difficult situation and being able to talk about it or write about again and again really helps. It’s important for mental well-being and a great stress buster. I feel much better now and I will definitely remember not to compromise my journal time in the future.