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It’s so frustrating. I’m no tech expert and I never have been. But, even tech experts seem to have a hard time. I’ve been trying to set up a payment system for my website and I’m failing miserably.

So I asked a friend to help me and guess what, he’s not faring any better. And it’s got nothing to do with ability. Things just don’t seem to work seamlessly.

All this makes me wonder how we’re digitizing every step of our lives. And then what?

Here’s another story: A customer service rep tells me I’m mistaken about someone calling me from their company earlier because her computer system says so. The computer can’t be wrong. So clearly I must have been dreaming.

Stories like this make me think twice. The person is so inclined to trust a machine but, not me. Because machines are apparently infallible.

But the interesting part about that honestly, is that machines are only as good as the information put in them. They lady forgot to consider that her computer could be wrong because a human was supposed to log the phone conversation in the system.

So at the end of the day, it is human incompetence, yet we’re not quick to see that.

I really question how we’re going to trust computers with our lives, when we’re depending on people to program these devices in which we put so much trust.