Filofax Pocket – There’s a first time for everything 

*Warning: somewhat picture heavy post*

Ok so one of things I’ve been struggling with is the weight of my bag. My neck and back problems seemed to be coming back and they were definitely not pleasant when I had it in the past. So I did some downsizing and lightened the load. I did a post about it here.

One of the things I did was to move into a Pocket Filofax vs the Personal. I bought a Pocket Chameleon in black way back in 2013 but never successfully used it as a daily planner. I did use it to keep blog notes, book lists, quotes etc. So this time I thought let me give it a try.

I love the Chameleon. You can see how beautifully it still shines even after 6 years.


I decided not to use a major diary but instead used printable monthly inserts from Ray Blake ( Please check out his awesome website for free printable inserts in all shapes and sizes.

I printed them out on this lovely A4 pad I had from Paperchase. I printed them in a way that the calendar is on the plain side while I can write notes on the patterned side.


Finally I kept the bunch of notepaper and didn’t do much else. The notepaper is a mix of Filofax and Paperchase. I’ve kept the colourful ones on purpose so I can have different sections and find my note paper easily. I have my daily work task in a Levenger Circa Junior (something I’m trying for the first time).

I love that the Chameleon has a full length pocket at the back so I can stuff even A4 sized paper.

I’ve kept it simple. Now let’s see if this work.

Stains on your bags?

I’ve stopped doing product reviews because I just don’t find the time. But once in a while I come across a product that works wonders and I can’t help but share them with you.

I love bags… more importantly leather bags. Although I never put my bag on the floor, I still try not to buy white / beige / light coloured bags because  I’m clumsy with my coffee or my pen. I thought about blaming my kid here for her crayons, but no, truth is, it’s me who’s the culprit.

But this time I went out on a limb and bought a beige bag. It was beautiful and I couldn’t resist. But guess what happened. I wore it with dark blue jeans an next thing I know, I’ve got these blue streaks all over. To top it off, I spilled some coffee on it too. I was mortified. I wanted to cry.

I looked through the internet and read somewhere to use a white eraser. So I tried that. Bad idea. This is not normal leather. It has a big suede-ish soft feel to it. Not sure what you call it. So anyway, the eraser just completely started spoiling the soft feel and didn’t really help with blue marks.

So I turned to Coach. I mean they’re supposed to be experts at leather, right? Turns out, it’s quite true. I used the Coach Leather Moisturiser and the marks came right off. I know I probably should have used the Leather Cleaner but the Moisturiser says that it’s a cleaner as well. Either way, it the Moisturiser worked well. It costs about AED 90 in the UAE.

You can see the results below. The small patch of leather is what the bag looked like before (I used this to try out the cleaning stuff). The bag is below. There’s still a faint shadow of the blue, but overall it looks fine. And the coffee stain came right off. So there you have it, something really worth buying.


Crazy heels 


Charlotte Olympia Pumps from Polyvore
People actually walk around in these. In fact, almost every celebrity in Hollywood seems to own a pair and they look so comfortable in them. I would fall flat on my face in two steps. 

Perks of Kindle-ing

Any one who loves books, probably doesn’t love the Kindle all that much. I said books, not reading. Well neither did I, until I realized that there are really several advantages to Kindle-ing. Ever since Amazon came up with the Kindle app, my views have changed. I still love paper books and love buying them, but the Kindle has it’s own perks.

1) Since I have it on my tab and on my phone, I can literally read anywhere, even when I’ve forgotten to carry my book along.

2) No one can see what you’re reading. So sometimes when you want to read a physics book you don’t have to explain stuff to people who have a puzzled look on their face.

3) You can read at work. People will think you’re working on your tab.

4) You can switch between books, because you can and you don’t have to lug around the weight.

5) You can read really fat books with one hand and without a sore shoulder.

6) You can easily increase the font size when you’ve forgotten your reading glasses.

6) The best part… you don’t have to wait. One click and you can’t instantly start reading the book that you just heard about. You don’t have to walk to the store or wait till your order arrives.

Having said all of this, I will still never stop buying paper books. 🙂

Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub – ENERGY

Bath & Body Works - Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub ENERGY
Bath & Body Works – Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub ENERGY (credit: Bath & Body Works Website)

Product Rating: AVERAGE

I like the products at Bath & Body Works. I’ve used their Aromatherapy line before and it was amazing. So I thought why not.

The Smell: Truth be told, the Aromatherapy worked. The Orange-y smell with a hint of Ginger really revitalises you. It’s appropriately called Energy.

The Packaging: It comes in a large jar, like most other scrubs. It’s an oil based scrub, and as soon I opened the jar, the oil was just floating on top. Wasn’t really efficient to scoop out.

The Product: The scrub itself was a little disappointing. The sugar granules are quite coarse and sparse, so they keep rolling on the skin rather than being an effective scrub. Since, it’s oil based, I decided to just rinse instead of washing with soap. It was a good feeling at first, with the skin soft and tingly (from the ginger). But 3 hours later, my skin is just as dry as it was before. So I guess, you have to follow up with a moisturiser.

The Verdict: Even though I got this on sale at about US$ 11, I won’t be repurchasing the scrub. There are so many nicer ones out there. I will however, get a moisturiser from the same line, because I simply loved the aromatherapy bit.