One of my biggest problems is trying to find the perfect everything. This time it’s a resume. After more than five years I have decided to revamp my resume. I’ve been updating it bit by bit over the last few years, but now I need something spectacular. I want to change my career. Although this is probably not the best time to be doing this, I feel I need a change. I’m completely comfortable where I’m working and doing well too, so most people will think I’m an idiot for wanting to change my life drastically. But my thoughts are the best time to attempt a change is when you’re comfortable where you are and not when your back is against a wall. I’m thinking more clearly, have more time to organize my choices and make a good decision, instead of making a drastic one. So again, coming back to my initial problem, finding the perfect resume. I’ve grasped the concept that a resume is essentially a tool to market yourself. Where do I go from there? I know what I do, but phrasing it in the perfect lingo is a challenge. And then there’s the problem of phrasing it in a way to be attractive to a different career path. Let’s see where my quest takes me. I suppose the best way to approach it would be just to spend few hours doing it and then review it the next day to see if it still is as brilliant as I thought it was when I wrote it. In either case, it has to be brilliant!! 🙂