I recently read somewhere that morning people do in fact rule the world. And I wonder why that should be. Why is there an obsession with waking up early? From the age of 4 we are taught to wake up early for school which rolled on to college and finally work. People who went to afternoon school where I grew up were looked down upon. It was like they were not good enough for the morning session and I never understood that. So is it true that people who wake early are more productive or is just a notion that’s been drilled into us from generations past? Waking up at the crack of dawn was the wise thing to do because then people could have a lot of daylight. Without electricity the nights were too dark to do anything productive. But that’s all changed now. Nighttime is probably just as bright as day. So why do we still need to wake up early? And why should it be true that morning people rule the world?