Love – Men vs. Women

I often wonder if love means the same thing to man as it does to a woman. They say women feel love to the core of their being, but don’t men feel the same way too? Some of the greatest poems and literature written about love come from men. Why is that? May be it’s only because men were allowed to express their ideas more freely. The keyword being “ideas” not feelings. In today’s world it just seems that phenomenon doesn’t exist, and so the question do men and women define love differently? Why is it so hard for the opposite sex to feel the same thing in two very different ways?

I suppose if anyone had the slightest clue to this question there wouldn’t be so many books out there giving advice about relationships. People wouldn’t be frustrated with the topic of love. And people wouldn’t be left scratching their head thinking…”What did I do wrong?” The laws of love and attraction are strange. Stranger still is that fact generations after generations still haven’t found the definition of love or the key to perfect relationships.

Becoming a manager

When you first join a company the most natural thing to aspire to become is a manager. Because the manager has all the glory of having people to delegate responsibities to. A manager can usually come and go as she pleases. And a manager is the first person to be acknowledged for success. So there was I, six years ago, thinking… “When will my time come?”

And now I’m there. And the world seems so much different. Sure, there are perks. But no one told us how much harder it would also be. Like they say in Spiderman, “With great power comes great responsibility.” And it’s true. Not just responsibility but also accountability. There comes a point when you are personally responsible and liable for things. And to make matters worse you always get stuck with insubordinate subordinates.

I’ve always though that one of my best qualities is to be able to get along with people. It turns out making friends and managing people are two very different things. It’s something i’m definitely struggling with. Finding the right balance between being liked by my people and being stern when things are not done right is apparently a daunting task.

I don’t know the right way out of this but can only hope that it gets easier with time and experience.

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Self-Help Books

It just seems that recently there has been an incredible growth in the self-help section of bookstores. I love bookstores. And whenever I pass by one, I have to take a little detour into it. Something that’s struck me in the last few months is that of the 10 bestsellers displayed, at least 2 or 3 will be self-help books. Has the world really become so difficult to live in that we need a guide to get through it?

I have to admit that I am one of those people who do at least browse through these books. Some of them can be very interesting (at least judging by their covers) and then there are those that I’ve bought and think that I could’ve spent my money on a good thrilling novel. I’ve never come across a book that’s really made go “Oh Wow!! Now that’s really something I can follow”. But then again I think I just haven’t read enough. I’ve given up on trying to find a self-help book that helps. Instead, I invest my money in a good novel that helps me escape into another world. Or I invest in a business book which makes me feel enlightened.

Although many of us would appreciate an instruction manual to life, I wonder how many of us actually read instruction manuals.


I always thought I believed in soulmates. Yet when someone asked me today if I do, my instinctive response was “No.” why is that? I justified it by saying, maybe I haven’t found my one yet. But would that be the only reason? How many people actually believe in soulmates? May be they believe in the concept. But how many actually believe that they will find a soulmate?

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The grass is greener on the other side

I’ve always wondered whether it is. I heard an interesting perspective last night. It is! And this comes from people wanting change. As much as we are resistant to change, there comes a point where we definitely welcome some degree of change. May be it’s got to do with the times we live in. We live in a time of globalization. And when there isn’t something different coming along we get so easily bored. And then I think of people who have working in the same job for 15, 20 and sometimes even more than 25 years. Yet they are content. Content with their job, content with their lifestyle and content with themselves. Makes me wonder if people of my generation could ever be that way. Just content…