I often wonder if love means the same thing to man as it does to a woman. They say women feel love to the core of their being, but don’t men feel the same way too? Some of the greatest poems and literature written about love come from men. Why is that? May be it’s only because men were allowed to express their ideas more freely. The keyword being “ideas” not feelings. In today’s world it just seems that phenomenon doesn’t exist, and so the question do men and women define love differently? Why is it so hard for the opposite sex to feel the same thing in two very different ways?

I suppose if anyone had the slightest clue to this question there wouldn’t be so many books out there giving advice about relationships. People wouldn’t be frustrated with the topic of love. And people wouldn’t be left scratching their head thinking…”What did I do wrong?” The laws of love and attraction are strange. Stranger still is that fact generations after generations still haven’t found the definition of love or the key to perfect relationships.