Who am I?

There’s a part of this blog site where i am meant to a description about me. When I started piecing together thoughts of what I should write, I was a bit lost. Do I say what I do? Do I describe myself physically? Do I mention what I like? Do I mention what I do and what I have done?

I remember watching “Eat, Pray, Love” (I’ve read the book too), and there was a scene where Julia Roberts is in Italy having lunch with a bunch of friends and they ask her….who are you? She responds, “I am a writer” (or something like that). The guy says…that’s what you do, that’s not who you are.

This got me thinking about how I should describe myself. I want to keep this blog anonymous for now. There’s a thrill to putting thoughts out in the universe with a mystery of whether I’m Clarke Kent or Superman.

Then, coming back to the question of what I should write under the section titled “About me”. I suppose I don’t have to really discover who I am (very philosophical thinking!) to fill that section. I am still confused what to write and for now, have left that section blank. Probably, just say…watch this space.

I’m a stationery addict

I’m a stationery addict. There…I’ve said it.

Growing up I’ve always had a need to collect pens and notebooks. I remember walking by stationery stores and buying the little fascinating things I could afford on my allowance. For me, t was never about clothes or shoes or bags, I was always more excited about the pens, notebooks and books.

I had this notion that I was a bit OCD in this department and felt that I was a bit weird to a certain extent. Then I discovered all these blogs on the Internet and found out that I’m not alone. It is such a relief and joy to browse through pages and pages of people’s blogs obsessing about stationery items.

I too, have now created a category on Stationery, where I will blog and indulge in my love for stationery.

You Had Me At Hello – Book Review


I stumbled upon this book while searching for the quote from “Jerry McGuire”. I looked at the review on amazon and didn’t seem all that. But when I read the book summary I immediately felt drawn to it. It’s an easy read and there are some great lines in the book. It’s something I would love reading if I had been 22. It’s one of those books which is very “everyday” and the way the character describes her life and feelings doesn’t make you feel that you are reading a book, feels more like you are talking to a friend. I’m glad I read this. No great epiphanies, but nevertheless, a happy ending.

Weekend insomnia

Somehow the trend has become to live from one weekend to the next. The work week has become so utterly hectic that I look forward to the moment I can leave work on the last day of the work week and know that I can go out without feeling guilty about not being on time the next day.

Weekends should be the time to recharge. Yet weekends for me are mostly hectic, trying to make each moment count. Which means, I get little rest and mostly just push myself to make the most of it.

Even a lazy weekend like tonight cannot be wasted. I feel if I sleep early on the weekend I will be missing out on valuable time that I could spend catching up on reading, watching a movie or the endless list of things I have been wanting to do. I really do enjoy my weekend insomnia.

Lazy days

There are lazy days. Days when you just want to be a couch potato. Days when you just want to watch reruns on TV and eat only take out food. Lazy days are unproductive but necessary. Every once in a while one needs to just sit back and be “blah”. It’s a good feeling and helps recharge in a way.

Today is a lazy day for me. A day when I don’t feel like doing anything. My twitter account is filled with random tweets and I don’t even feel like looking up what the active people around the world are doing on Facebook. I would much rather sit on my couch and just write a blog entry about what I am possibly feeling. I am feeling “blah”!

Office romance warning

Office romances almost always come with a warning. Worse still if you work in the same department. Even if you keep it a secret there’s always the chance that when it’s over, things will be awkward. The one warning that no one ever tells you is that once it’s over, you still have to say nice things about him, even if he has been a complete asshole to you. No one can see your point of view and people just keep wondering why you are so cold to such a nice person.

The real warning in office romance should be “beware, you can’t tell anyone what he’s done to you and you are forced to face him with a smile.”