There’s a part of this blog site where i am meant to a description about me. When I started piecing together thoughts of what I should write, I was a bit lost. Do I say what I do? Do I describe myself physically? Do I mention what I like? Do I mention what I do and what I have done?

I remember watching “Eat, Pray, Love” (I’ve read the book too), and there was a scene where Julia Roberts is in Italy having lunch with a bunch of friends and they ask her….who are you? She responds, “I am a writer” (or something like that). The guy says…that’s what you do, that’s not who you are.

This got me thinking about how I should describe myself. I want to keep this blog anonymous for now. There’s a thrill to putting thoughts out in the universe with a mystery of whether I’m Clarke Kent or Superman.

Then, coming back to the question of what I should write under the section titled “About me”. I suppose I don’t have to really discover who I am (very philosophical thinking!) to fill that section. I am still confused what to write and for now, have left that section blank. Probably, just say…watch this space.