It completely eludes me how people can be rude and ill mannered in an office environment. Nevertheless, this seems to becoming the norm more and more nowadays. People become defensive when questioned and resort to writing out nasty emails just to cover their own incompetencies. Such situations are difficult to handle and reporting the person could work if only there was a proper chain of command. That chain of command breaks down when one works in a matrix organization. It all becomes very confusing and the end result is just a one on one exchange of nasty emails.

There never seems to be a win-win situation either. On the flip side, when you ask people to do their job, instead of being termed assertive, you are termed as being aggressive. People doing their job act as if they are doing you a favor when in reality this is not my daddy’s company and if I’m asking someone to do something it’s only because that is what they are supposed to do. We all work for the same people at the end of the day.