I love buying books. Nowadays with the ease of Kindle, my book buying behaviour has just gotten to point where it’s criminal if I buy another book. I keep buying books as I read the review or think it’s some profound work that is a must read and they just end up staying. With actual books, I feel it adds to my library or collection. But with Kindle I don’t think it even has that effect.

Now and then I will start reading one of these books of non-fiction or of an artistic nature, but with the limited time and stressful life I have, somewhere between Pages 100 and 200, I just stop. It’s not that I really lose interest, it’s just that with the busy schedule I have, I think I feel the need to read something lighter. Something thrilling or fast pace. I obviously then just end up succumbing to my need for reading fiction.

One of these days, I will have to just take some time off and read through all the books I’ve got whether fiction or non-fiction. There has to be something that intrigued me about the book in the first place, I just have to stick to my initial instincts.