I attended a series of presentations today. From very interesting to absolutely lost. But what struck me most is that different people have different tones of speaking. All the topics were quite serious and what I noticed is that most people sound very grave in an attempt to show seriousness. There was however, one person (this was not me) who spoke in such a tone that didn’t seem overly serious, but you wouldn’t consider the person a joke either.


They say public speaking is an art. I suppose it is true. What I learned (even after countless years of presentations) that you don’t necessarily need to sound serious to be serious. One does not have to be devoid of humor to give a serious presentation. Often the easiest presentations to attend are the ones that sound natural, as if the person presenting is just speaking to you. I think it may have something to do with the fact that is puts you at ease and helps you concentrate better on what is being presented. So next time I decide to present something, I will remember to sound natural, smile occasionally and sound conversational.