I used to be able to read a lot. I would pick up a book and never let go. And it would be one book. Now, more often than not, I hardly even pick up a book a day. I don’t like it!


I am obviously always reading something. That’s because I haven’t finished the last book I read. Worse still is when I ready two books at the same time. Usually, one fiction and one non-fiction. I will be reading a fiction… and of course there will be down time in the novel, as is with any other. Then I’ll find a reason to read a non-fiction or informative book. Then I’ll get bored with that and go back to my fiction. It all just seems like a vicious cycle nowadays.


I always loved buying books and definitely own books that I have never read. Once I got my kindle, I feel things are out of hand. My favourite site is Amazon, not just for books. But I can’t seem to leave the website without downloading something new on my kindle.


Ok, so here is the challenge for me. Finish what I am reading (the fiction) and then take one book at a time. Don’t buy another book until I am done with the ones I have at hand.


Good luck to me!