They say that no two people look alike on this planet, whether dead or alive. While we may be unique in appearance, unfortunately we are not unique in personality. I thought I had many thoughts and traits that were only mine. The people surrounding me didn’t share these characteristics. So here I am thinking I am weird. As I grew up, I realised that these traits were different which made me….unique.

Then comes the internet and host of bloggers. I realised that I am not alone. While I do believe in aliens (properly known as extraterrestrials), I believe even more strongly now that we are the aliens that walk among us.

Reading through countless blogs on the internet, I now have the firm belief that people are so alike, no matter where they come from. There may be a person sitting anywhere in the world having similar thoughts as mine. The truth is while we all want to feel unique, knowing that there are other people out there that feel or think the same way that you do is comforting.

The reality is that none of us probably want to be alone.