Every Filofax aficionado has a story about their beginnings on their journey. Here goes mine….

I’m not sure when I first came to know about the Filofax. I certainly wasn’t aware that it was around since the 1920’s. But, growing up in the 80’s, meant I got to see important people carrying around a Filofax. Oh what a statement it made! I suppose my fascination only grew when I saw the movie “Taking care of business”. I’m sure every Filofax enthusiast knows that story. Nevertheless, I have always been in love with the concept.

I never had a real Filofax growing up. I did have a mock one in black and a pink cartoon-y one that I got from a Korean store (i still have both). My first proper planner was a Mead Student Planner (personal size) in deep blue. Boy, did I love that planner. Used it for a loooong time. All through college/uni.

Finally, once I started working, I gave it up. Then about two years into my job, I travelled to Malaysia. I walked into the lovely Kinokuniya and simply fell in love all over again with their collection of Filofaxes. I ended up with 2. Both red. One A5 and one mini. I used the A5 for work for a while. But at the time, I was just an assistant manager and didn’t have go on client calls or meetings as much. I did keep a calendar diary but lugging around an A5 was just not something that was comfortable. I started using Moleskins or just any A5 notebook that was fancy.

Toward the beginning of last year, I decided to move back into a planner. To celebrate  my 9th anniversary of working, I decided to splurge on a Louis Vuitton, personal size. I simply loved it. I carried it with me almost everywhere. I have since moved onto Filofaxes. My current one being an Osterly Personal in Plum.

On occasion I have carried an A5 notepad or a notebook to meetings or for quick notes. I’m still going strong with the planners and this is something I am going to stick with. I think it works for me, despite having an iPhone and an iPad. There’s definitely something beautiful about writing things down. But let’s leave that for another post.

I have always loved the concept of a Filofax (no matter the size) and I will never give it up permanently. It’s a love affair to last for a lifetime…..