I’ve been wanting to do a filofax set up post for a while now. I see all these wonderful posts on the Internet about people and their lovely Filofax set-ups and I’m inspired to do my own now. I use my Filofax for everything. It’s a “Life in One Book”.

The Filofax

Let’s dive right into it… over the past year and a half, I’ve been using a personal. While the binder has changed a few times, the set up remains the same. I started off with a Louis Vuitton personal (a little treat I got myself as a 8 year anniversary present at my job) and then moved onto the Malden and finally settling into a Plum Osterley Filofax. I just love love love the Osterley. The leather embossed leather looks love and the colour is simply divine. Although the leather is not soft like the Malden, I actually prefer it this way. There’s a very compact feel to it and the leather is quite scratch resistant, so throwing it right into my bag doesn’t seem to take a toll on it. Best of all, the Osterley lies flat out of the box (which is very very important to me).

Personal Osterley in Plum - Embossed Leather
Personal Osterley in Plum – Embossed Leather

First section 

First off… is my dashboard. It’s not much of a dashboard, but I like to keep a nice picture that I open up my filofax to. In the inside cover is a picture of me and my family. Just personal touch to remind me that I have a life and work is not everything. I have kept the full year calendar that comes with the filofax and the personal info page as well. After these pages, I put in a card holder page with sticky notes that I can use. I love these sticky notes… I bought them from amazon. They are from a company called Cavallini, who make awesome sticky notes.

Cavallini Vintage To Do Sticky notes on a FF Card holder page
Cavallini Vintage To Do Sticky notes on a FF Card holder page

Diary Section

My diary is always a week on two pages (WO2P). I can’t make do with anything else. I used to use a Week + Notes last year, which worked well for me but then decided to change when I got these lovely cotton cream inserts with the Osterley. The paper is definitely of better quality and I love that all the days are the same size with a little notes section on top. I use my diary for my daily To-do lists. Events & meetings are put into my Outlook which syncs with my phone with reminders. I do write down birthdays in red or pink, just to make sure I don’t miss them out. Some important meetings are also put in, just in case. I love putting boxes to check off, but mostly I cross of the whole item when done, only because I feel a particular sense of achievement when I do that!!

Diary - Wo2P - used for daily to-do's
Diary – Cotton Cream Wo2P – used for daily to-do’s

Other sections

I don’t have a lot of time to beautify my filofax so I cheat by using washi tape. I got some nice vintage style washi tape again from Amazon (my go to place for everything) and made by the same company as the sticky notes – Cavallini.

I have a section for internal notes and section for meeting notes. I have a finance section where I keep track of some of my expenses and other lists (like my daughter’s height and weight). I use the address book to keep only certain specific phone numbers and reference info like membership numbers, frequent flyer numbers. Most of my contact info is on my phone and regularly backed up. This address book is for quick reference and just in case I forget my phone at home.

At the back, I have several card holders that hold passport size pictures of me and my daughter, my business cards, cards I don’t keep in my wallet and zip lock section that I carry some money for emergency – local currency and US Dollars. I also use stickers from Filofax and some that I bought at Paperchase, just to mark important dates and events.

Here are the rest of the pictures….

IMG_00000409 IMG_00000410 IMG_00000411 IMG_00000420