I’ve had my fair share of confusion with choosing my perfect size of Filofax. I recently had a change of roles at work, with which came a change of cities. This coupled with the fact that I got a lovely new Patent Original in Black, really made me want to change things and have a go with the A5 again.

I think we Filofax addicts will say almost anything to justify what we do with our Filofaxes. 🙂

So this is what I did…. I moved into the A5 for work and moved into my Raspberry Compact Chameleon for my personal stuff and something to carry in my handbag all the  time.

Firstly, I tried to keep it really simple with few pages so it doesn’t get heavy and too bulky, since I carry it in my laptop bag. No dashboard, no stuffed papers. Just diary, notes and some info pages punched in, which is easy to do with an A5 by just printing booklet style on A4 pages.

The one thing I had a terrible problem with was having both my Compact and my A5 open at work. This meant that my personal items were getting missed out. I had to either remember things or put them in my work planner. Which was getting my brain all muddled and defeats the purpose of having planners. So this is what I did. Every day, I took the page out of my Compact and clipped it onto my week with a magnetic book mark. This is really helpful and has helped solve my problem of having to sync the two planners during the day.

A5 with a touch of Personal
A5 with a touch of Personal