Here goes my first product review… starting with a simple one.

I’ve been going to Sephora for a while to pick up my regular face products. I didn’t venture much into the Sephora branded products until I decided to have a look at the section with moisturisers. I found something nice. A small tube called “instant moisturizer”.


  • Light-weight texture. Absorbs easily into skin
  • Smells wonderful…it’s scented, but it doesn’t irritate my skin
  • I have semi-sensitive skin and this didn’t me break out
  • Comes in a lovely small tube which is so easy to carry around in your purse
  • Can be put over makeup (I sometimes get dry patches during the day)
  • Relatively inexpensive – $12 for the 1oz tube – so I use it for my hands as well


  • It’s not intensive and sometimes I need to reapply during the day
  • It doesn’t do anything special for your skin. It’s just a basic moisturiser and there are no healing properties or ingredients that give you healthier skin.

I really love this moisturiser because it does work instantly. I also feel keeping your skin moisturised automatically leads to healthier skin over time. Being able to carry this around and use it during the day, without fear of looking oily has worked out great for me.

For those of you who want to see what’s in it… pictures of the packaging are below

Product details from the packaging
Product details from the packaging

IMG-20131202-WA000 IMG-20131202-WA001 IMG-20131202-WA002

Finally, here’s the link

***Disclaimer: I have not been asked to endorse or review this product. These are just my private views from using the product after I purchased it at the the store. ***