In my last planner post, I mentioned how I was missing my Filofax since I had changed to a Moleskine at the beginning of the year. So, I decided that I would go through my Filo boxes over the weekend and set one up again. As the weekend started, I went to WH Smith (for no particular reason) and guess what was beckoning me from the glass case. A beautiful Brown Personal Holborn. 

Now I must admit I have been intrigues by the Holborn for a while now. Read a few reviews and really liked the pockets facing outwards. I don’t like the colour brown much. But, when I saw this lovely binder sitting in the black box, I just couldn’t help myself. I asked the sales lady to take it out. Once I held the binder in my hands, I knew there was no letting go. Talk about impulse buys.

But I have to say, definitely no regrets!!

(Review and set up post to come)