I joined the Midori club

I had seeing all these awesome blog posts about the Midori Traveller’s Notebook (MTN), and to be honest, I was envious.  At first, I didn’t quite understand how the whole system worked. But, after going several blogs, I simply fell in love. Some people had made them so customized and unique. In either case, how can a leather notebook go wrong. I am a sucker for leather notebooks and bags.

Sadly, ordering one seemed quite difficult. And I wasn’t sure of the inserts. But browsing through Kinokuniya in Dubai, I came across a whole stack of covers and inserts. So, I saved up a little and took the plunge today. I splurged quite a lot on inserts too.

So here are the basics
MTN cover in brown. The leather is gorgeous.

MTN diary inserts

The diary inserts – Weekly and Monthly

I also got two blank notebooks, extra elastic, sticky pockets and card holders.

Other inserts

And then I splurged on this brass stencil book mark. I really needed one. 😀

Brass Stencil Bookmark

And now I am going to have so much fun opening each packet and putting my notebook together. I hope my kid doesn’t wake up, because she might wonder who the child is in the house.


Update: it is two days later and I still haven’t moved into my MTN. Can’t seem to let go of my Personal Filofax Holborn since it is serving me so well. I guess, I will have to think of what to do with the MTN.

5 thoughts on “I joined the Midori club

  1. I have an MTN , actually two of them one regular sized MTN and the passport sized as well. I bought them last October and I still have no clue/inspiration on how to use it and make it my own. I see a lot of gorgeous personalised MTNs around the web and I think I’m just overwhelmed by how creative other people are I have some sort of paralysis on how to customise my own.

    That said I can’t wait to see how you’ll customise yours!


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