Let me preface this by saying that the iPad is a great functional device with countless uses and applications. I bear no ill will toward the device itself. But it just wasn’t working out for me.

Just like most people, I gave into the craze of the iPad and went out and bought one. I could use it for everything, calendar, email, blogging, reading, video chat. The possibilities were endless. I could carry it around and always be connected.

I soon realised though, that I missed the feel of paper. I really couldn’t bear not have my filofax or paper planner with me. So that was added to my bag. As time rolled on,  found out that typing on the iPad isn’t all that easy, so I got a keyboard extension. More extra weight. Then came the charger cable.

And just like that, the charm started to wear off.

I didn’t use the calendar that much, because I almost always used the filofax or my phone. I didn’t blog on it that much either, because I just wasn’t that comfortable typing on it. And finally, I found out that my eyes would hurt from reading on it for too long. So I went back to using my kindle (without a backlight) or just paper books. To top it all off, I got a Macbook Air which weighs only slightly more than my iPad and is a fully functional computer which I can travel with. So, I didn’t really need to carry around this extra weight because that’s what everyone is into.

I’m sure there are a great many people out there who cannot bear to live without an iPad, just like I cannot bear to live without a paper planner. But my bag definitely weighs less and I feel free, until I really have use for an iPad in my life again.