I’m often told that I seem to be very calm even in dire situations. Like when the boss sends an email saying things are going wrong, or when you think you’re going to miss an important deadline or worse still when you have to rush someone to the hospital. People just think I seem to take all these situations very calmly. They find it odd, because I’m not exactly the quietest person in the world. Either that’s a good thing because it seems like I have nerves of steel or it’s a really bad thing because it seems like I don’t care.

Well, neither are true. I panic. I panic so much sometimes I have nightmares and panic attacks. But somehow I have learned how to internalise my worst fears. It helps to talk about it sometimes with close friends but don’t usually put my worst fears iut there. Probably because I think they may then come true. So I keep it in and wait for it to pass.

I also think no good comes from spreading panic. At work, I’m calm because I think it will help my team stay calm, which will lead to them thinking more clearly.

I seriously don’t know if any of this actually works but I guess it’s just my way of life. Keep calm…