Life has been busy. I started a new job and the kiddo is back to school. I had a lovely 3 week break in between changing jobs and now it seems far too short.

My days are so busy again. The only thing getting me through is definitely my faithful Filofax. I had decided to go A5 after a long spell of the Personal. It’s still working out really well even at my new job. My walk to work is not long and I no longer have to carry a tremendously heavy laptop, so the A5 has stuck around.

During my break, I had quite a bit of paperwork to carry around (school receipts, admission papers, photographs, house papers, bills etc.) and I used my Midori (Standard Size) which is quite convenient to stuff things in. I have two zipper pouches and two transparent flap pouches, so nothing went amiss.

It’s been a month now but my days are so long that I am too lazy to move out of the Midori. I have loved it as a everyday carry planner for the last couple of months, but now it’s time to move on as the A5 is in full swing. I’m still pondering over what to use as an “all-time carry”. Definitely a thought for another day….