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During back-to-school shopping, I picked up a couple of discounted stationery items for myself. How could I resist? One of the item was a 2-pack Post-it Flag + Pen with Flag Combo. These pens come with miniature flags half the size of the normal flags.

I’m using a vertical layout diary on the A5 Filofax and I started to use these flags to mark meeting events. Advantages to this:
– I can move around the flags if meetings get changed
– I don’t like using pencils as they get smudged so this is a good alternative
– I write the meeting event on the flag and requirements if any under. Since these are translucent, I can see what I need.
– I can continue writing my to do list and reminders in my day column and move the flag on top to denote a meeting at the time.
– They come in several colours so I can designate colours to internal, client, personal meetings etc.

At the moment, I’m using Red for Client Meetings and Yellow for Personal events.

Post-It Flags for Meetings

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