I have a friend who makes a big deal about never reading celebrity gossip. She seems to think it makes her look like she has risen above such petty things. I don’t know. May be indulging in celebrity gossip is petty to many people, but some of it is still news. I don’t have a lot of time to catch up, but I do buy the occasional gossip magazine and surf the sites.

I don’t know what it is about celebrity gossip that intrigues us. Even the most silly news seems to catch our attention. I look at my twitter feed from time to time and celebrity topics seem to be what’s most tweeted about. When the wedding of an actor & actress is telecast on news channels like CNN and BBC like an important event, you have to admit there is something to all of this. I can understand a royal wedding being covered or announced, after all they are real princes and princesses. But when celebrity couples get just as much coverage, if not more, you have to ask whether indulging in celebrity gossip/ news is really so petty anymore.