With the New Year around the corner, the first thing that people decide to do is make New Year’s resolutions. I stopped making resolutions three years ago. I never followed through with them and it just made me feel guilty. So I decided to just go with the flow and see where life took me. I resolved not to resolve.

It’s not like I never decided on doing anything though. Every couple of months, I set short term goals for my self and even some longer term ones. But nothing concrete and nothing that would make me feel guilty afterwards.

This time around one of the things that I’m planning to do is write more. I know it sounds very much like a resolution, but hey, who’s judging? I used to write a lot in my teens and early 20s. Somehow, all the creativity has seemed to fade away with the busy life I have.

So this blog is a way to get me back into that. Not into creative writing but just writing. By the end of the day my mind is blank, and all I can do is put down some words that make sense and seem to recollect different aspects of my life.

So here goes…. to a new beginning.