Courtesy of Phandroid
Courtesy of Phandroid

I’m looking to buy a Samsung Tab. Don’t ask me why I need it. I never need the things I buy.

So I thought, let’s start comparing models. What better way to do it than online? People are just waiting to give you their opinions and views.

Wow, was I surprised when I typed in Samsung Tab in to the search bar. Unlike Apple, Samsung has a really long list of Tabs and they have different names. So when you buy an iPad, you know that the mini is small and 3 comes after 2. The names are intuitive and follow a pattern. Not the same for Samsung. They have tab, galaxy tab, tab with numbers, tab s. Some of the numbers refer to the model and some refer to the screen sizes. So now either I have the choice of reading every review and comparing models or I can just go a store and check them out. I went to the store, and they don’t look the same as they did online. Now these Tabs have a whole different range of 3 digit numbers. So how do I know which one is better and which one is worse? Look at the prices. Even the prices don’t lead you anywhere. Some have $30 differences and some have over $100 differences. Confusion…. big time.

Came back and looked online again. This time, I thought I should narrow down my search by size. I don’t want a 10inch screen. I want something closer to the iPad mini, something like 7 to 8 inches. Guess what? Samsung has at least 4 of them out right now (not counting WIFI+SIM versions). After adding a couple of more requirements, I narrowed it down to two. Finally, I was sold on the Tab S. I went back to the store to look at it and yes, it was better than what the online reviews said. But it’s almost double the price of my second choice. So I’m back to being confused. Aaarrrgghhh…..