20150119_124957It’s winter and the sun isn’t usually up when I wake up. But by the time I’m out the door, I have to wear my sunglasses. Today was a different story. As I walked out of the building, it was breezy with a slight drizzle. The sky was dark like the evening twilight was refusing to let go. Slowly, the breeze turned into strong winds and the drizzle turned into rain. Now, this may be common to many parts of the world, but rain in the UAE is an uncommon phenomenon. Sure, it happens every year during winter, for a couple of days, but somehow you never get used to it.

I come from a place where rain means a break from the heat of summer, clean air afterwards and the beautiful smell of the earth. Rain in the UAE is totally different. It means, people driving carelessly, getting into accidents, splashing water on pedestrians and sitting in an air-conditioned room with damp clothes. Not to mention flooding. The country is not equipped for rain, so a couple of hours and you find roads and sidewalks flooded.

Still, because I miss the rain so much, I don’t mind what it brings. To me, it was lovely few hours.