Bath & Body Works - Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub ENERGY
Bath & Body Works – Orange Ginger Sugar Scrub ENERGY (credit: Bath & Body Works Website)

Product Rating: AVERAGE

I like the products at Bath & Body Works. I’ve used their Aromatherapy line before and it was amazing. So I thought why not.

The Smell: Truth be told, the Aromatherapy worked. The Orange-y smell with a hint of Ginger really revitalises you. It’s appropriately called Energy.

The Packaging: It comes in a large jar, like most other scrubs. It’s an oil based scrub, and as soon I opened the jar, the oil was just floating on top. Wasn’t really efficient to scoop out.

The Product: The scrub itself was a little disappointing. The sugar granules are quite coarse and sparse, so they keep rolling on the skin rather than being an effective scrub. Since, it’s oil based, I decided to just rinse instead of washing with soap. It was a good feeling at first, with the skin soft and tingly (from the ginger). But 3 hours later, my skin is just as dry as it was before. So I guess, you have to follow up with a moisturiser.

The Verdict: Even though I got this on sale at about US$ 11, I won’t be repurchasing the scrub. There are so many nicer ones out there. I will however, get a moisturiser from the same line, because I simply loved the aromatherapy bit.