It’s been a really busy week both professionally and personally. January is almost over and the pressure for delivering results seems to have started mounting. I know none of us know what is to come, but I am panicking about delivering my numbers.

I’m keeping really calm and telling my boss, it will happen. We will make it. But inside, I’m really stressed because I don’t know if I will be able to get new clients. To top it all, I have a non-profit side project going. I’m trying to raise money for a cause. Soliciting funds from donor agencies is no walk in the park. I guess, these people get bombarded with requests every day with some cause or the other, so they have a rigorous screening process. But I’m getting no where.

And now all of this is getting me down. I guess it’s just one of those down times and I have to through it. I’d like to be positive, but all that comes to mind are just “what if’s”.

Truth be told, I’ve never been very good at initiating relationships. I would like to think that I’m good at managing client relationships or even taking the first step once I’m introduced. But cold calling just doesn’t seem to be my forte. I’ve tried and haven’t been very successful. People advise me to think positively and I will succeed. But I think it’s time for me to try out a different approach. I need to find a way around cold calling and figure out how to get that first meeting.