I’ve become a TV show junkie. There I said it!

I’m hooked. Once I put my daughter to bed, I look forward to the moment that I will sit on my couch bed and turn on my laptop. I can’t wait for the next episode.

I can’t help but think that there may be a deeper problem. When I watch TV shows, I lose myself in the show. I can switch off from the problems of my life and enter a world where everything seems alright. It seems to be a form of escape. It may not be normal, but it’s ok. It’s something that gets me through the day and something that’s getting me through this time of my life. I need that escape.

My preferences have evolved as well. Two years ago, I watched shows that ended in cliffhangers. Shows that needed to be watched. I would spend nights up watching one episode after another because I’d want to know what came next. I can’t seem to do that anymore. These days I watch shows where the story ends in one episode, like a crime fighting show. It has to be one of those, where the story ends within the same episode. It doesn’t stop me from watching one episode after another, but at least I can give it a rest.

I’ve been downloading or buying full seasons of old shows. I feel like there are some serials I need to catch up on. I watched House, all 8 seasons, disturbing as it was. Then I watched NCIS. But I watched NCIS backwards starting for the second latest season all the way back. It was fun, not having to stress what will come next after a season ended.

My life has enough drama, I don’t need to introduce more drama into my make believe world.