RIP Mr. Spock.

Truth be told, I wasn’t born when Star Trek started and I only ever saw Mr. Spock in re-runs. My Star Trek was “The Next Generation”. It’s hard to believe, in this day and age, that a show that ran for only 3 seasons with 79 episodes had such a profound impact on people. I know that my uncle was a big fan of the show and particularly, Mr. Spock. I suppose most intelligent people relate to him. Today, when I saw that Mr. Spock died, it immediately reminded me of my uncle. My uncle died a long time ago, before he was even 40. I was a teenager when he died, but I still remember all the wonderful things he taught me. I can’t help but think I would have never had such a deep love for science and science-fiction, if it were not for him. He was a highly intelligent person, with interests that no one understood at the time. The two things he was utterly passionate about was Physics and Music. And I treasure every moment he spent expalining both to me. I miss him so very much, and on a day like today, I miss him even more. If not for him, I proabably wouldn’t be as bothered with the death of Mr. Spock… the passing away of a legend, Leonard Nimoy.