Not the Holborn I thought it would be

A5 Filofax Holborn
A5 Filofax Holborn

I went back to using an A5 sometime in January. While I simply loved the Franklin Covey Boston Compact and the layout of the 2PPD diary, the size started to feel restrictive in terms of taking notes. So I went back to using my A5 Charleston, but felt like I wanted a change. One binder I really loved a lot in the Personal size was the Holborn. I have a brown Holborn and the leather is so amazingly soft & squishy. It’s a floppy binder (not stiff like the Osterly). The layout worked well for me too. So I ordered the A5 Holborn in black.

I must say I am a little disappointed. The leather is not at all soft. It’s a shiny black leather which doesn’t have the squishy feel at all. It’s also a lot stiffer than the Personal. You can see this in the picture above. And, the binder arrived with misaligned rings. Given that I live in the UAE and I had it delivered from the UK, sending it back is not really an option. 😦

I am using it at the moment and it’s not that bad, but I had really hoped for the same feel as the Personal. So I’ve ended up with a good-looking binder, but not exactly what I wanted.

11 thoughts on “Not the Holborn I thought it would be

  1. I have a black A5 Holborn and mine IS soft and squishy. Maybe you were unlucky and had one from a batch that wasn’t quite as good as the rest.


  2. Hi, I have just received a brown Holborn yesterday. I have to say the rings issue appear to be happening quite frequently with this line of Filofaxes. I notived a slight gap in mine, straight out of the package. As for the leather, I now own all three colors and the black one has a markedly different leather, not as soft as the wine and the brown. Having said that, This is still my favorite Filofax: I love the multiple pockets and their layout. But for the rings I completely agree: it really sucks. Sorry…

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    1. Sorry about your rings too. So it would seem it’s the black version that has different leather. May be I’ll look for one on brown. But, yes I do love the layout and the look of the Holborn. Functional and classy. ☺


  3. Sorry to hear the binder is not what you expected. As for the misaligned rings, if you are willing to take a chance, they can be manhandled into place. Did this to my Kate Spade (gasp, breathe.) Working one set of rings at a time, offset the ends to bypass about 1/4″,and hold a few seconds. Bring back to normal position. You may have to repeat the process (alternating directions) depending on how bad the gaps were. Whatever you decide about the rings, I hope you will eventually start to enjoy your Holborn. It’s beautiful.

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    1. Wow, thanks for the tip on the rings. I will start working at them. I hope it works like it did for you. It is a beautiful binder, but just not as soft as I expected.


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