The other night I went out to a bar to catch up with some old friends I used to work with. It was wonderful to talk and reminisce about the wonderful times we had. We used to go dancing all the time. We recounted some of our more interesting nights for the benefit of the new people who joined us.

As we told the stories, I realised something very important. I’ve changed.
The things I did a few years ago, I would probably never think about doing it now. If that night were before, I wouldn’t care that it was a weeknight. I would stay out dancing till the bar closed. I wouldn’t have cared about going late to work the next day or even calling in sick.
But that wasn’t the case that night. It’s not like I didn’t have a blast. But I did worry about waking up the next morning. I was the first one to say, let’s call it a night, which is so unlike me. I didn’t feel bad saying it at all. In fact, it was relief to be home and not go to work feeling awful.
I guess we all have to grow out of things at some point.  My time has come too. It’s not like I don’t enjoy the thought of going out dancing, but I don’t think I enjoy the thought of overdoing it any longer. I’ve changed.