I was having a streak of good days at work. Everything seemed to go right, work got done, clients were pleased, my boss was happy and all was wonderful. I kept wondering when things would start to go wrong. I always tell people to enjoy the moment. And I generally do try to take my own advice, but after a certain point even I started to worry about when things would start going wrong.

And so it happened two days ago. Everything started to go wrong. It seemed like nothing was getting done and every small incident was just blowing up in my face. To top it all my boss, got mad at me for not bringing something to his attention sooner. Given that he doesn’t like to be surprised, it was surely an unpleasant experience for me.

Well… we all have our good days and our bad. What I am saying to myself right now:

– Definitely take my own advice and enjoy the good moments without worrying about when the good time will end

– The good time will end, and there will be bad days. When I have bad days, I should let myself feel awful about it and then move on. Everything gets better with time.

– It’s all a cycle… and if we didn’t have bad days, we wouldn’t know how to appreciate and cherish the good when they come.